TV debut tonight [updated w video]

Welcome back!
The time has come! Our Frank call video is ready to be seen. It premiered this Saturday at Errorfest and it battled on Etv2 at 20:45 tonight there's also my interview.

I spent the weekend in Tallinn for the premiere at Errorfest. On Friday I saw Micrologue from Germany and Masha Dabelka from Novosibirsk playing there. They both had cool sets and great personalities. Not too many people at the festival but just the right ones. The place was an old movie theater fit for 1000 person raves. Too bad there won't be too many shows played there anymore.

Fooling around with Eva Vaino

I played my show on Saturday. I enjoyed singing "Pick up track" through the megaphone as it gives the voice a powerful timbre. We have footage of the live thanks to Voltri and we will use it for our next video project. The festival was crazy and I'm still not quite sure what happened there, but it was fun. There be fresh shows coming up soon maybe even a Christmas Ep.

With Henry the dancer and Mihkel the painter.

Friends made this live very special for me. I have more photos from Errorfest. I will post them on Fluon once I have fully recovered. Enjoy the bad ass video, share it with others and help us by voting for it. Thanks for the support.

Derrida+1 liveshow.

See you soon!