Frank video - coming out

*ring* Where's that video of yours? Private? Oh well I guess I'll wait.

Welcome back!
It's finally time to talk about my music video. The video is for "Frank call", its basically finished and should premiere on the 12th in Tallinn. I'm still looking for a venue and event in Tartu. It's my first time to direct a video.

Ever gotten dressed at a parking lot?

The video is about a girl called Samantha Baker who wreaks havoc around the city while a boy tries to reach her at the house. She smokes, drinks and dances around the streets and takes an occasional wizz in the back alley. At the same time the boy gets yelled at by her paranoid grandparents. During shooting we were assisted by the police, I wrote about it in this earlier post.

Samantha meeting another boy on the street.

The budget was only 10€ and it consisted of various drinks we bought during shooting. It's possible to create on a tight budget and for that I have to thank my crew, which consisted mostly of Redlip but not only. Our actress  ***** asks you not to reveal her identity even if you recognize her. She was really easy to work with and really enthusiastic about the whole idea, even the police part. The track "Frank call" has been specially remastered for the video and has now lots more lower end.

Also featuring Barthol's fresh "B" logo.
We hope to have the video appear in the media, including television. Any help with it is welcome. Suggest a venue, do an interview or just join us on Facebook.
See you soon!