Wild birthdays, superman in NYC

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Hey you!
Listen to the mash-up I made from Savas Pascalidis' "Superman" and The Horrorist's "One night in NYC". According to Savas it: "doesn't make much sense.." and "there's nothing in this mash up that fits..." Listen to it and see if you agree.

Before the new weekend arrives, a look at the last one. It was full of birthdays. First E, who just got back from Paris. There was killer punch, homemade pizza and mixed sauna. Her punch recipe: mix bubbly with vodka, add some juice for color. It took some time to find the right balance and some of us found the floor instead. I remember most of the night. Great times in sauna with cold beer. I heard the party continued til the morning. The photo shows the mood.

Girls going high before the sauna.

Next day, a totally different party. The theme was "morbid" and it was planned as an anti-party. The place was trashed, lights dimmed and only basic drinks and food. Half of the guests weren't supposed to make it and they didn't. Still the 60 year old drunk from next door came over and brought a cane as a present. He claimed to be a buddhist and showed us his coin collection. Most of the conversation was about hidden missile sites in Soviet Russia. At some point French girls arrived with fireworks and turned the party around. We continued it out on the town.

Morbid birthday party.
There's loads of action going on around the city, saw this couple swimming in the library fountain around 2 am. The water must be freezing. Their friends were cheering though.

Night swimming couple.

Make sure to party for free this weekend.
See you soon!