Battling hunger!

Where are you? I can't see you anywhere in Hunger.

Welcome back!
The night started at the battle of the bands where my friends were battling. One in Uebanda and two in Eclectic Empire. The event was like a trip back in time 10 years - awkward teens were posing and beginner bands were playing. The sound was totally messed up and it was painful to listen to.

People hanging out.

The opening of Nälg (hunger) was strange, but in an amusing way. It's run by Kene Vernik from Mimicry and the vibe there's cool. Looking forward to seeing what will become of it. The crowd was divided between smart casual dressed older people and more trashy younger crowd. Musicians, students, designers and photographers all attended. The tables were covered with fruit and cheese; bubbly and sangria and mint liquor was served at the door. I was there for the invite only opening until 10 and then came back when Amiran was playing at around 01. I might have missed the busiest time, but it was crowded still. You had to be Chris Angel to get your coat from beneath the dozen others.

Amiran playing at the opening of Nälg.

The dance floor was constantly full, as it only fits around twenty people. Check out the cool triangular headlight installation on the wall. Zuks had created a circle of respect around him with his erratic dancing. Amirans set was Skrillex-like, but a bit too chaotic and fast (like mine used to be back in 2007).

Happy lucky hipster with bubbly and a fag.

In the other room there was a boombox dragging such classic tapes like "What is love" and "Bailando". It gave the room a special retro feel and I took a time out there at 3 am. There was also a Nintendo with the classic Duck Hunt game waiting for you. I'm waiting for you at my Facebook page with the new logo.

See you soon!