Weekend night adventures #2

I'm photoshopping in the cafe and the next table is talking about you.

Welcome back!
Another hard weekend has passed. Met friends from Tallinn on Friday and we went to Kink Konk. I recommend going there, it looks cool and the people who run it, really love music. Art school newbies were having their hipster animal theme party there. My friends band was playing there. The DJs did a good job and we had a dance battle, we both won. Youngsters were making out, some were crying and the toilet walls got a new design. Some people were using one of the free party techniques and drew the "unique" :p mark on their hands themselves. 

Hung over at a Chinese place with friends.

The distributor of Savas Pascalidis had my mash-up recently blocked on Youtube due to copyright. You can still enjoy it here: 

Greetings from the studio.

I've been listening non stop to Major Lazers Original Don this weekend and it's worth sharing with you. It has an interesting jump style kind of rhythm.

Our weekend ended with a 25th birthday in a nature reserve. The party had a hot sauna and the shower was outside in the freezing cold. A long table was full of potato salad, pickles and vodka. People were dancing away outside, surrounded by dark forest. It was 180kms there and we drove back at 5am, listening to Ramstein. We almost hit a fox and a similar animal on the way. Everything went well and at 7 I was home.

Stealing a speaker.

I already did it on Facebook, but I'll do it here as well. I'm sending props to you, the listeners. My tracks are not the easiest ones to listen or dance to, but you are still willing to do it. Thanks for not taking the easy way out and for all your support. It keeps me going and we'll make it together soon.

See you soon!