Hello light blue water. Bye gray Estonia!

To find out what I look like on vacation, read through this post.
Hey you!
I've recovered from our grand festival, I wrote about here. Portugal awaits with it's light blue water and white sand beaches. I'll be back with a tan in a week. These are photos from our nights to keep you company while I'm gone. You'll get new tracks when I get back. Make sure to like me on Facebook to get hold of them.

The competitors in the Eurovision marathon.

I've been mostly working on writing my analysis "The aesthetics of Banksy's auctioned works". I have to get my BA as it's not possible to keep studying in Uni for me, unless I have a child. So I've been working on graduating.

Three drunk girls heading to the bar.

I should start packing for the trip, but "what to pack with you" is an eternal question. The best tip I can share with you, is to pack while somewhat drunk. Everything fits and you don't worry about leaving stuff behind.  My laptop weighs a ton so I'm not sure I want to carry it around with me. I'll probably leave it and record inspiration in some other way to give you the tracks when I get back.

It's time for a phone break.

It's a shame I won't see casa de musica as I won't go to Porto. It's a place filled with Apple computers and midi controllers. The computers have music software on them and you can just step in and make music. Here's a video from Fabrique who went there >

Nonetheless I intend to get some fresh ideas and to turn them into big party tunes or smooth summer house melodies. Check back soon to see what I have come up with.

You never know, the night could end with a girl teaching you aerobics in a bar at 3am.

Listen to my tracks while I'm gone and leave me comments. Tell me about your summer plans and the biggest parties and festivals you are planning to go to. I'm going to play at Mõisa Karneval in Estonia with Pedigree, Toe Tag and Tallinn Daggers. Come meet us there, sadly there's no Robotaanika Park this year. I also have tickets for Europavox, but I have to be here defending my work instead.

Me on vacation, you can't see it, but I'm in my trunks.
See you soon,


Festival of errors.

"My friends tease me, coz I don't have a photo on Fluon"
Hey You!
This weekend was like a fast train. The main event was Errorfest in the old Patarei prison. It all began on Thursday as we gathered some friends and tried to sit through the horror they call Eurovision. I gave up when halfway through. Some of us made it through and even bet on who will win. Afterwards we went to Nott for more fun and drinks.

People at Errorfest festival stage on the beach at night
The night was very warm and summer-like. Photos from that later this week. I stayed out only until 3 because I needed to get up early next morning. I had to wake up at 4:30 to chase away a drunk who was pissing against my wall and loudly commenting on it. So I got up at 9, quickly mastered three tracks and caught the bus. It was Friday 13th. My soundcheck was supposed to be at 2pm. When I got halfway I got an email saying that my sound check will be at 9pm instead. I could have been cozy in my bed.

Kinkymint and Olio fooling around on the beach

The Error festival was special as there were three great artists from abroad - Eboman, Love Fine and Jaakko-Eino Kalevi. The fact that it was in an old prison contributed as well. Eboman's video bending-glitching-cutting live was my favorite. It was like taking youtube on in boxing and winning after ten rounds. I didn't think it would be so dance able. He is also a great guy with cool attitude. We talked about lot of stuff, but I can't really remember what. I played at 5am, two hours later than I was scheduled. I had lost my voice, but I still rapped and sang as promised to my four faithful fans.
I spent th night in the same apartment as the other artists and had time to discuss licking games with the Finnish guys and to talk about different music in Russia with Love Fine. All of that with eight bottles of rum and boxes of beer and cider. Ty, Errorfest.

People watching Eboman's Sample Madness show

We got back from the prison, drunk, cold and voiceless around 7 am. No one was yet a sleep and there were intense discussions. I asked a couple of questions from Jaako Eino Kalevi. Enjoy the mini interview.

 How do you comment tonight.
It was good as always. I liked the amount of the audience - 20, it's the perfect amount.

 Do you plan to come back to Estonia.
Sure maybe this month. There is a Janno in Killing in nõmme, he is having a night thing somewhere and we might play there. (He was resting his eyes already then).

We went to sleep pretty soon after that. One of the Finnish guys was lost on the way and hadn't turned up until noon. It was a great festival, thanks to everyone.
See you soon,


Underground with angry kids and sirens.

"It's hard to sing your songs, because there are no lyrics, but I still do it."
Hey you!
This is my fresh Vitalic meets Latin house work in progress - Vacation Dustination. Listen to it as you read about how we went underground and the upcoming errorfest. Tell me what you think about the fresh approach, in the comments below.

This Sunday we went underground with a group of experimental writers, musicians and artists. It was for the ongoing literature festival Prima Vista. We descended into the old tunnels under Tallinn to produce artwork. The underground was full of plastic mannequins acting different periods from history. We presented our works to the crowd in the evening. I wrote a nonlinear poem - a map of words.

The cool suspects of a train hijacking.

These two, hiding behind the sunglasses, hijacked the future train. We got caught half way back by the guard and had to return the train. There were already forty hyperactive kids, angrily waiting to ride it. We managed to escape. We also discovered an air raid siren which made wicked noise. I want to have one of those, maybe I could get it off ebay. I would sound it every time the neighbors annoy me, or another drunk guy comes to take a piss just outside my studio window.

After the performance we played two games of Worms and went to eat at Bonapart. We managed to go to the wrong one at first, but eventually got to the right one. A fancy meal with wine was already waiting for us.

A very artsy lomo/hipstamatic like photo of Kiwa and a writer sitting at the table after finishing the fancy meal and their coffees.

A picture of me.
This is my new look after the errorfest app on Facebook - click it to get your photo errorized as well. Join us, the other errorists on the 13th of May at the Errorfest. It takes place in the former Patarei prison in Tallinn. I'll share the stage with Eboman, Love Fine, Jaakko-Eino Kalevi and Laulan Sinule. Bring you error. I'll grab the mic and perform my first rap track "The pick up". It's about how to pick up women: "...a girl with blonde hair blue eyes, everybody's looking but no one tries, she's the one I'll be doing, I count to three and I go in..." Come to hear the rest of it.
See you soon.


The usual week end post.

"I recited parts of your rap to these Romanian girls and they loved it"

Hey you!
No house parties for us this week end. I went to an art exhibition opening on Friday. I couldn't stay for long because we had an interview about our exhibition, I wrote about the opening. In the evening went to Genklubi to see my friend play bass in a new band. They had a really good stage presence. It's one of the most important things about a live show, being good on stage and entertaining your crowd. Don't be a zombie.
Zomby boy bands don't have much life in them

The artist from the exhibition was there and she got drunk, kicked off her shoes and started a mosh-pit. That's crazy painters for you. I've been handling zombies for the past week and writing to media, it's part of my work. I got my first letter from the head editor of elu24. She didn't say much but it was fun. It's almost as good as when I got a letter from Mount Sims saying that he liked my music, because it was ugly and beautiful and wanted me to remix him.

Another photo from last weeks house party for your pleasure.

I have been working on a new track. It has a Vitalic meets Latino sound to it. I'm listening to Vitalic right now. I know I haven't shared anything new with you after For Play Ep except for Frank Call. I'll have to take more time to produce new tracks as soon as I get some stuff done. The sad news is that my friend got kicked out of his apartment. Why is it sad? Because we built a mic booth in his room and now I can't record vocals at his place anymore. I'll think of something new.
Anyways I will give you a wild mix of my new tracks asap. At least a teaser to get you to come to my shows. If any of you have a crazy idea for a show then contact me. I would love to play rooftops, vans, houses and candy shops. It's summer and we should really take advantage of it. Lets make this summer Epic.

I'll be playing in Tallinn at Errorfest on the 13th of May together with Eboman, Love Fine and Laulan Sinule.   Also we have a sound performance coming up. It's at the Prima Vista book festival in Tallinn on the 8th of May, 17:00 in Kiek in de Kök.

See you soon,