Hello light blue water. Bye gray Estonia!

To find out what I look like on vacation, read through this post.
Hey you!
I've recovered from our grand festival, I wrote about here. Portugal awaits with it's light blue water and white sand beaches. I'll be back with a tan in a week. These are photos from our nights to keep you company while I'm gone. You'll get new tracks when I get back. Make sure to like me on Facebook to get hold of them.

The competitors in the Eurovision marathon.

I've been mostly working on writing my analysis "The aesthetics of Banksy's auctioned works". I have to get my BA as it's not possible to keep studying in Uni for me, unless I have a child. So I've been working on graduating.

Three drunk girls heading to the bar.

I should start packing for the trip, but "what to pack with you" is an eternal question. The best tip I can share with you, is to pack while somewhat drunk. Everything fits and you don't worry about leaving stuff behind.  My laptop weighs a ton so I'm not sure I want to carry it around with me. I'll probably leave it and record inspiration in some other way to give you the tracks when I get back.

It's time for a phone break.

It's a shame I won't see casa de musica as I won't go to Porto. It's a place filled with Apple computers and midi controllers. The computers have music software on them and you can just step in and make music. Here's a video from Fabrique who went there >

Nonetheless I intend to get some fresh ideas and to turn them into big party tunes or smooth summer house melodies. Check back soon to see what I have come up with.

You never know, the night could end with a girl teaching you aerobics in a bar at 3am.

Listen to my tracks while I'm gone and leave me comments. Tell me about your summer plans and the biggest parties and festivals you are planning to go to. I'm going to play at Mõisa Karneval in Estonia with Pedigree, Toe Tag and Tallinn Daggers. Come meet us there, sadly there's no Robotaanika Park this year. I also have tickets for Europavox, but I have to be here defending my work instead.

Me on vacation, you can't see it, but I'm in my trunks.
See you soon,