Kicking it on the beach in Portugal.

"I dreamt about your book a couple of nights ago"
Hey You!
I'm back from Portugal with a sunburn. I have wanted to visit Portugal for a long time and now finally I did. It was loads of fun. Portugese is a crazy language. I know French and a little Italian and Spanish, so I understood some of what was written, but nothing from listening. I especially love Portuguese rap, because it sounds badass.

I didn't want to take the train leaving the beach paradise Lagos.

We spent most of our time in Lagos. It's a beautiful town with everyone going out to party every midnight. During the day they are mostly laying on the beaches or curing their hangover with seafood. There are loads of small beaches between the golden rocks. That's where I got my sunburn. It was really hot but the water was just right. You could just lay on the water and let the tides wash by.

Secretive Dona Ana beach in Lagos.

The water is light blue and really clear. It was calm the first days but the waves were heavy in the end. The beaches are free and wearing a top is optional. It was a really inspiring place to be, I will to put that emotion into my coming summer house tracks. New tracks in the coming weeks.

People kicking it on the beach - the idea of my new track.

When we arrived on saturday night, we unpacked and headed out to find a bar. We got thrown in to a bar called Wolf's Lair. It had a happy hour until 1am with 2 for 1 cocktails which cost only 3.50. The people working there were crazy (in a good way). My favorite was Amy from New Zealand who kept adding rum to my cuba libre until there was almost no coke left. We circled the block, but Wolf's Lair was the place to be. They had a jenga challenge with the loser buying the shots and people dressed up as black Michael Jackson or a fairy man to get the people in. If you end up in Lagos then I recommend the Wolf's lair, it's a rua silva lopez 5.

Only photo from our Saturday night out in Lagos.
It's a shame that I didn't get to be at any Kuduro parties I have heard so much about. Kuduro is Angola techno with a dance that was inspired by Jean Claude Van Damme.

Leave the best/worst pick up line you've ever heard in the comments. My fresh rap track "Pick up track" will tell you which one I think is the best really really soon. Meanwhile share this blog with your friends.

See you soon.