Stylish weekend

Play the original track!

The crowd at Noorus.

Welcome back,
Thanks to everyone who came to Noorus. It was mad fun. The Friday night was the longest one this weekend. First I played a three hour set at Noorus. Before I took over from Ellen Vene and Elisabeth Aare, the police raided the place and asked everyone for ID. I was lucky to have mine on me, as otherwise the night could have been short.

Taking a selfie in a selfie at Rundum Photo Expo.

At the same time a model was celebrating her 18th birthday in the back room. I didn't get the time to go there, but people kept telling me stories about what was happening while I played in the front. As always I got a bunch of requests while playing. I did have a remix of one of those to play.

Girls gambling

After Noorus we went to see the afterparty for Tallinn Fashion Week at former club Korter. It was now called Välk and we made it there at 4:30am. Jack Dj crew was playing and yet again models were strutting around. I was told that models hate to be asked if they are models. As the vibe was strange there I headed out towards Protest in an hour, where our friends were supposed to be.

The rave crew came to raid Noorus

As we made it there Jack Dj crew was playing and there weren't any models. I was asked to play as I had my records with me. The speakers had been blown so I played around 6 songs of bass rumble and then quit it.

The models and I leaving Noorus.

On Sunday we went to a birthday which took place at a secret venue. I was forbidden to take photos, because "it makes people nervous"(?) but check out the coolest toilet ever down there.

Put your hands in the air, Välk Fashion week afterparty.

That was this weekend, check out the scheduled shows and come to have fun with us.

The coolest toilet, there's even a bed in here.

On other fashion news, another H&M was opened in Tallinn. I haven't been to any of them yet.

Unwrapping the H&M

See you at the Birthday of Estonian Depeche Mode fanclub,


Carrying on

[Estonian pregame] it's a bit less drinking games and more just drinking like mad fuckers

Awing exhibition art piece.

It has been a while but I have three shows coming up. First this Friday 25.10 at Noorus I will play a Dj set as Fluon. Secondly on 7.11 I will play a live at Rock'n'Roll Heaven in Tartu, sharing the stage with Faun Racket.

Last rays of sun for this year.

The third performance is on the 15.11 at Von Krahl where we celebrate the birthday of Trash, sharing the stage with Wick Blaze and others.

Tommy Cash at Biit's birthday, Congratulations!

The music video is out and somewhat controversial. Cast your vote to keep us going on the Top7 Tv show. Especially if you don't want the evil emo dwarf to win again.

S.S. Fabrique playing at EKKM.

As the autumn keeps getting darker and colder it's the perfect time for making music, going out and taking photos. Expect a lot more of those three things!

Technotiiger at Genialistide Klubi with chain boots.

If you end up somewhere with an amateur DJ, then I recommend taking the edge off with the drinking game we created.

Amateur Dj drinking game:

plays the track to the end.............................................1 sip
messes up the transition...............................................1 sip
plays a bad quality mp3................................................1 sip
accidental silence..........................................................1 sip
no one dances..............................................................5 sips
the room empties out.....................................finish your drink
someone spills their drink on the gear.............finish your drink

Add your ideas to the comments.

Worship the triangle at Indiroonika.
I'll meet you at the dance floor and we'll get it on. Stay cool, I'm getting on the new track.

See you in Noorus,


"Night Out Prep" video premiere and making of*

What premiere? I don't check my facebook invites

On Tuesday the video for "Night Out Prep" will be out. It's the first single of of CitYearning EP.
The premiere night.

We already had a private premiere on Friday with the cast and selected people attending. After the screening I played a live that was a bit different from what you have heard before. If you would like to get an invitation to the next secret show then press like on the fan page box on the right. Read on for the stories of how we made the video.

Shooting the hookah

It all started about 8 years ago when I met Raphael in a religious camp in France. We were both into hip-hop and we bonded over that. I hadn't met him after that, but he had been reading Fluon and was amazed about the nightlife we had over here. So the logical conclusion was to invite him over here. As he had started producing videos for Red Bull's parties, sports' and dance events he suggested that we make a Barthol Lo Mejor music video when he comes over. I couldn't have agreed more.

Main camera with the light and Raphael on it. Photo: Keiu Maasik

He came during the last weeks of April and I invited over the cast to do the video. It has become a kind of a tradition that our music videos' budgets can rather be measured in bottles than money. So this video took 4 bottles of regular size champagne, bottle of big ass champagne, two bottles of vodka and countless beers and ciders.

The smoky selfie moment

We filmed over the weekend with 11 different cast members plus a cat. A big thanks to everyone who came as the people who didn't come were about as much. The very special moment was when my friend from Latvia called me while we were shooting asking about what to do with her two friends in Tallinn. I immediately invited them over and gave them a surprise part.

Video still #1

The vibe of the shoot was between ecstatic and dull as we drifted through several creative bursts and withdrawals. By the end of both nights people were drunk and there wasn't much more to do than head out to show our guest the nightlife at EKKM, Red Emperor and so on.

Wearing the Gopro. Photo: Keiu Maasik

It took over the summer to get the video done and there were altogether 3 cuts made. I remixed the music between the second and third cut to make it suite the video better. Like the video for "Frank Call" this one also had a crew of two if you don't count the cast.

Video still #2

Check for the video on Tuesday on the new Youtube channel.
See it soon,


Summer is over

During winter you should work enough to take the summer off

It's time to be productive again. The video for "Night Out Prep" should be out in the coming weeks.

In November the latest, I will play a live in Tallinn.

Recording vocals for a next track.

See you soon,