Sofar 3 & Von Krahl

Charlotte dit que c'est trop méga stylé!

Welcome back!

Monday fun in Von Krahl.

I've been making music every day since the 4th of January. The plan is to be making music 360 days of 2014. So it's 41 days down. The first fruit of the labor is "Bass And Clap" the first single off of the coming album. It should be out towards the end of the year, but expect a mixtape and singles before that.

Recently I have been to two events worth mentioning. The first one was a Monday party in Von Krahl. It started at 9 and had two bands playing. The first one was OUU and the second was Non Quartet. I missed Ouu because they started 9 o'clock sharp(!?). It's a shame. I will make it next time. They are talked about a lot and they managed to make the newspaper because two of their fans were kissing. Apparently the security in Von Krahl didn't like the fact that they were both boys and threw them out along with Ouu.

The bass star.

I did catch Non Quartet and part of the reason I went was because my good friend plays in it. I was also interested in seeing what happens if you have a concert on a Monday. There were about 50-60 people, which could actually happen during the weekend as well. Some people forgot it was only Monday. It was partly because of the 1€ bar.

Souvenir of the time you could buy coke from the pharmacy.

The second event was Sofar 3. I haven't yet missed a concert and you can catch up with the first Sofar and the second one from these posts. The place was awesome and we could have squeezed in another 15-20 people, even more if people would have stood up.

Faun Racket in the middle of their set.

The three acts were Lotte and Robert Jürjental, Ndioba from Senegal and Faun Racket who should have played last time already. All the acts added differently to the atmosphere. Lotte and Robert started with a soundscape of synth and guitar ambient and vocals. It was hypnotic and trippy. My companion Stan admitted to never having heard anything like that.

Stan enjoying Sofar.

Ndioba played somewhat traditional African world music. As my parents used to listen to Youssou N'Dour I was acquainted with the sound and its liveliness and earthly feel was a big contrast to the act before.

Inviting the dogs off the billboard.

Faun Racket tied up the night with their regular live. It was the third or fourth time I have heard them and I must say it was the best time. They have the artistic finesse that makes a performance good to look at. Andres Lõo broke some borders with his outburst. First adding Estonian story telling to the track that was shot for the international Sofar channel. After that he took it out on the keyboard, managing to create some beautiful noisy textures.

This would loosely translate to "Your Brain"

Somehow the last acts at the Sofars have the best stage presence. I like their event and sending much love to the organizing crew of Sofar. I'll go to their events as much as I can and keep you posted.

Sparkling Vodka - always a mistake.

To see me play, come to Von Krahl on the 19th where I'll play a set before Sex Drive Live(!!) and a french experimental elecronics act Dorcelsius. Here's the Facebook event.

See you in Von Krahl,