Back in Paris for wild Christmas

On the roof in Paris.

Caring means sharing and I care for you, my party animals. So I have decide to give you a wild Christmas. First, up on the right there's a player. It's for you, listen to it as you read this post. Now go push play and get hyped>
Second I'm gifting you 4 songs which haven't been available untill now but you've danced to them at my shows. To get the songs go here.

Y-mas song - we wish you a fast christmas this year. Gabber and x-mas go hand in hand don't they. Download it and add it on your X-mas playlist to give the party the needed extra energy. The lyrics are quite controversial.

Overdoze Winsky - was the first song I produced in Paris. It was 2008 in a small 8th floor studio. No elevator meant a good workout. Sharing the tiny apartment of 16 m2 with a girl, eating croissants and drinking cafe au lait. The Parisians, wine and autumn inspired this mellow gabber house. The title references the Finnish childrens book called the Crosstown Vinski which talks about a young boy who buys some magic powder from the pharmacist which makes him invisible and able to walk through walls. The majority of readers agrees that it's probably cocaine. In the book the chemist left and poor Vinski was cut off. In reality they found 50 kilos of cocaine in Tallinn today. Vinski would be happy to get some of that.

James Brown is drunk - was also produced in Paris. Inspired by the video about James Brown being drunk on tv, talking about shooting his wifes car and refusing to leave the screen. I woke up in my Paris studio(13 m2) one day and found a girl and a friend staying there with me. I made my way through the empty champagne bottles and imagine my amazement when I saw the video. I knew I had to make a track out of it and so I did. It also samples LA style - James Brown is dead and Bloody beetroots - i am not drunk.

Completely talentless - driven by frustration and produced in Paris in 2009. Still in my small studio and trying to express the emotion of the big city frustration in music. Metro at Barbès - Rochechouart with all the Africans, Moroccans and junkies. Crossing the crowded street with a big pink Tati shop on the other side. Imagine all that while listening to this track. At first I attempted to make the cheesiest track ever complete with ironic lyrics. I used the dog howl as a synth and from there it went towards breakcore. Me singing the original lyrics. Now you can come up to me and say: "You're the Completely talentless guy."

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Delayed! Broken! Canceled!

Your computer output is broken, no soundcheck and your live is an hour later than planned. Does this sound like the start of the best party?
Well it was.
I used the Lexicon soundcard of the Krahl sound guy (thx). After Zebra and Snake I threw on the Tallinn Daggers remix and we went crazy. Even though the tempo and feel of my song was twice as ecstatic. You were crazy on the floor and I was crazy on the stage. For that half an hour we were unified in the beats. Dj Vattu came to give me a hand on knob twiddling and also a very refreshing zip of rum (various animals had drunk all the alcohol in the backstage).
not a photo of the best party

Hundreds of people at the party. The stairs too crowded to go downstairs to smoke or to listen to the reggae party below. Lots of cool artists in the backstage and among them Mia the superstar organizer who only ate caffeine and peach cigarettes and didn't allow her best friends backstage not to mention the groupies or the spaced out dancer-promoter guy. She was strict and it was cool like that. The act that cancelled was Henry, a good friend of mine from the Dance marathon (the blog post for that), but luckily he got to play the outro for the party. His ambient sweeping the room as the Mc rhymed and beatboxed and I was embracing my fans while Emer the star Vj accused me of being a rockstar. Which as you know I am not, but to be sure come and see next time as I bang my cowbell, the sister of all instruments. More on that next time.

A special thanks to all the friends that were ravin away. We will go crazy again soon and people who missed Tallinn, we'll meet in Tartu on the 10th in Plink plonk.


Did you miss the best party ever?

...Not yet and I sure hope you won't.
Take a shower! Because soon my bass will get you dirty ;)
The live is on the 20th November in Tallinn and where else than Von Krahl. Be prepared for another world as you enter. I will be up on that stage giving you the raw fun to dance to.
I will play after the foreign bands. First up are Zebra and Snake from Finland and the other band thinks that they are animals as well. Who are they?
you can try to guess...

iiiiiiit's Instrumenti from Latvia, two guys in Panda suits playing Indie dance.
So after they make you cry I make you dance!

As a girl once put it:
Barthols music is raw. I love that when I listen to it then I don't care for a normal life anymore. I just want to put on tons of make-up and wear high heels. Really high ones and smoke in a dimmed out room and just enjoy being vain. His music has got a sharp dangerous edge to it but gets me out of the everyday routine.

But don't believe her before you've seen me play live in full gear. A good friend of mine will come all the way from Paris to party with us. You know it will be wild, when we do it Paris style.
If you somehow did miss it in Tallinn then don't give up hope and come to Tartu on the 10th of December. As the next party will be there.

Meanwhile get prepared for the party with my:
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