Did you miss the best party ever?

...Not yet and I sure hope you won't.
Take a shower! Because soon my bass will get you dirty ;)
The live is on the 20th November in Tallinn and where else than Von Krahl. Be prepared for another world as you enter. I will be up on that stage giving you the raw fun to dance to.
I will play after the foreign bands. First up are Zebra and Snake from Finland and the other band thinks that they are animals as well. Who are they?
you can try to guess...

iiiiiiit's Instrumenti from Latvia, two guys in Panda suits playing Indie dance.
So after they make you cry I make you dance!

As a girl once put it:
Barthols music is raw. I love that when I listen to it then I don't care for a normal life anymore. I just want to put on tons of make-up and wear high heels. Really high ones and smoke in a dimmed out room and just enjoy being vain. His music has got a sharp dangerous edge to it but gets me out of the everyday routine.

But don't believe her before you've seen me play live in full gear. A good friend of mine will come all the way from Paris to party with us. You know it will be wild, when we do it Paris style.
If you somehow did miss it in Tallinn then don't give up hope and come to Tartu on the 10th of December. As the next party will be there.

Meanwhile get prepared for the party with my:
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