Super lives

You should move Fluon to Tumblr

We've had tons of fun at the two latest shows. I have no photos of either one, which is a sign that I should start bringing my own photographer with me to shows again. Enjoy this video from Von Krahl.

The Depeche Mode fan club's and Trash Can Dance's birthday were great lives which marked a new direction in my shows. The DM birthday had a special bus to take people from Tallinn to Tartu and back, so half of the party took place there with a stop in the middle to buy moose sausage.

Seeing Argo Vals play first Tallinn Sofar event.

The party was catered and the bottle of golden tequila I had asked for was waiting for me. All the adventures continued until 9am and I pretty much missed the next day.

Patrolling the streets of Tartu.

During the shows most of the left EPs got sold, so at this moment I have 6 left to sell. There might be some additional ones left at Biit, World Clinic and Genialistide klubi. All in all the EP is a success even despite no reviews of it having been written. For this year it seems that the live performances are over, with a last private one on new year's eve in Tartu. Get in touch if you would want to be there.

Reaching the Tequila worm.

We're already working on the next release which will be a mixtape on Trash Can Dance's label. It will be mostly old tracks mixed creatively but there will also be new unreleased tracks.

Resting from Tequila at 7am.

Trash also put "TV Bitch" on the birthday tape, which is the first cassette my music has ever been released on. If you weren't the first of hundred visitors at Von Krahl then there's no legal way of getting a copy. The party was wild. The bill had seven artists playing and I got on 20 minutes later than I should have. While some tired fans had already left, they were compensated by a wild pack of girls. Their determination to dance and take the best of the night was inspiring. You can see them from the video.

Metal nosebleed at Trash Can Dance's birthday.

There will be a single out before the year ends so keep an eye on my Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

Jarmo at "the worst party ever" and finally on Fluon.

It will feature vocals by me or someone else, so you can finally sing along.

...or gtfo.

See you soon!