Painting and music

I've been busy with painting for an upcoming exhibition in Kumu. It's the big national museum of art in Estonia. The dream of every painter. The opening is this Thursday. I haven't been painting for some time and it was cool to do it again. Out of 5 paintings I painted, 2 will be shown and one of them is the portrait of K8 Mosh. The exhibition will be in Kumu until 10.10.10 so go check it out.

I'm taking things to a different level and it will be influencing many aspects of my music. It is a crucial time in my music. As some of you know I'm changing the default tempo from my loved 150 to a calm 135 in the beat. The songs will get their power from the other instruments. Also I am putting more emphasis on having a vocal in my tracks. Some of the songs will have mine and
some will have female vocals. I am reworking some of the older tracks also which haven't been released. Among them also "Everyone's a princess", which is something to look forward to. Look out for my myspace as I will post some new tracks soon ;)


LIVE weekend

This weekend I am playing both nights in Tartu.