What happened in 2010?

As 2010 ends, we look back at the passed year. Remember all the fun we had and relive it once again in our memories. I can't even remember last weeks parties so it's a bit of a challenge for me. 
The highlights I do remember from 2010, 
> played 11 shows with 15 to 1200 guests,
> remixed 6 songs,
> had songs on 2 releases, one in France,
> had 80 people listen to my xmas gabber,
> was on TV,
> crashed a mixer,
> had 9 parties at my place and on the balcony,
> posed for photos,
> was featured on 39 blogs,
> painted 6 paintings and exhibited 2 in Kumu,
> got lost in Rome and met local girls,
> learned mixing and arrangement,
> posted 26 times on this blog.
That's what I recall,  I probably forgot some wild stuff.
Now to remember all the parties, rooftops and squares I will have to make it to tonight. 
This stencil is a tribute to me from 2008 by a local artist.
Most of the shows of 2010:
> “Järelöö” Nott, Tartu
> "Back to reality check" Protest, Tallinn
> "Public frenemies" Plink Plonk, Tartu
> “Sleepwalkers brukout” Von krahl, Tallinn
> “Jurjev Supersonic” Genclub, Tartu
> “Lift off” copterline helioport, Tallinn
> “Factory night” factory, Tartu
> “Neotropic” Maailm, Tartu
> “Death by pop” Telliskivi, Tallinn
> “Ecstasy the new frequency” Genclub, Tartu
> “Neljapäev with lazers” Maailm, Tartu

There were some spontaneous Dj gigs as well but who can recall all of them. I know for sure that the last party in the Factory was wild. I had only three CDs with me, one of them was old school electro. I've never mixed as bad as then and had people dancing like that. My friend Kiwanoid fell off the counter while dancing and the party lasted until 10am. Truely a grande finale.

I am happy to finally see a video of the Public frenemies party. Strangely it was recorded at the slowest moment of my set. The track doesn't have a name and no lyrics. I'm on the left with Chungin next to me and my dancer up front. The best show this year along with NWL and Sleepwalkers brukout.

My promises for the new year:
> Play Ep will get released,
> I will sing on my tracks and at the shows,
> more wild stuff on this blog next year.


I have your present.

You came for your present, right? It's under the tree and so hot it lit it on fire - remix of Malcolm Lincoln - Danz and wadz da cloudz. Push play and read how two ballerinas suggested that I remix our Eurovision talent. They wanted to play it at their ballerina Christmas party. Unfortunately it was interrupted by a gang of Russians who wanted to listen to hardstyle instead. Why is it hardstyle? It's not hard and it has no style. The first opportunity for style is 25th as I Dj with friends in our local bar. No live show this time, but I will play some unexpected tracks. 
My trash style remix is ready to pleasure you on the dancefloors. Enjoy it and share it with others. Robin Juhkental from Malcolm Lincoln thought it was coolio. Your gift to me is to like me on Facebook, follow on google and bookmark this page so we'll see soon enough. Bring a friend to my blog or Järelöö party>
Do you find the backwards Santa confusing? Christmas is confusing. Where are the good Christmas parties, miracles and why is Arnold Schwarzenegger flying around in a superhero costume?
I prefer the new years eve, the night of drinking champagne to kiss everyone at midnight. Rockets and champagne corks flying to the bright night sky. The most parties are happening, but how many can you make it to? My personal record is six. Seven if you count the afterparty in my bed. Looking forward to it all again and hopefully see you there.


This post is under destruction #2

But don't worry. Read what I remember from yesterday and check back tomorrow for updates and photos>
You know the "last nights party" feeling? You know you'll feel it in the morning when you go backstage and it's filled with various drinks. I'm feeling it. What happened last night? - Back to reality(check).

Photo by Gert Nõgu

All painted in neon colors we were under the black lights on the dancefloor. Glowing dancers in the dark were quite a spectacle. I played to people I appreciated: friends who have never seen my show, members of Mimicry, my sister and her boyfriend. I dropped the killer Malcolm Lincoln remix in the end. You will get it for xmas. Malcolm and Mimicry were cool on the stage, they had people playing with fire while they were playing.
After my show I spent most of the time in the backstage. Me and Malcolms agreed on "Don't drink too much before you play". We drank to that, but after the show. I also helped the girls with neon make up. I designed two lucky girls and enjoyed it, they enjoyed whining.
You will get the bangers like I S2 U soon I'm working on the next release.


Thanks to some, who didn't come!

My minimix with fre$h tracks is this posts soundtrack, 

don't start reading before you push play>
Can you hear how I love you now? It gives you the feel of my show.
Public Frenemies party was incredible. A hundred partygoers but what a positive vibe. All the douchebags, brutes and annoying girls we didn't want to see at our party weren't there. You know what I mean. It felt like being with your lost friends again. There were some friends we had never met before but every one was in the right mood. You were offered candy bracelets, vodka in rainbow colors and refreshments. Girls in sexy outfits greeted you on the corners. Somewhat of a candyraver flashback. Surprising even us, we had a surprise act. One of the performers had broken a leg the day before because of the massive snow and so Mc Lord from Öökülm came to lay down some rhymes. Some time ago he said in a magazine that he would like my Windshield Pfeiffer to be played at his funeral (so it wouldn't be dull). But wouldn't you?
My show was charged with energy as usual but this time I also had a dancer on stage with me. If you remember then it's not the first time I've had a show with a crazy dancer. She was doing her broken robot as she called it on stage and the people loved it. People love girls and if that girl is as crazy as my go-go dancer then we love her even more. You can see her preparing to dance with pink vodka on the picture below.
Other people came on the stage to get a shot, to shout or to play the cowbell. Some gave their part on the dancefloor, especially the girl who told me that she had hated my music a year ago. There were also bandmembers, models and photographers attending. We all contributed to the experience in the end and we will do it again soon. We had tons of fun. It really pays to organize a party with a positive attitude. If you don't dance at your party then why should others? Do You like raw fun? You are welcome to join us on the floor and meanwhile get ready with us on this blog.

 Another party that's organized with a really nice atmosphere is on Friday in Tallinn, Protest. I haven't been to Protest or Korter before but I like the organizers and they promised that we'll have loads of UV paint to play around with. I'm signing secret autographs on you after the show. See you soon!


Are you ready for the rumble?

Fridays partys i n t r o d u c t i o n >

Remember how my live almost got cancelled? My laptop is getting surgery at the moment because a special party awaits to get jumpstarted. You can finally experience Barthol Lo Mejor and Sex Drive Live joining forces to give you hours of wild dancing. Thousands of lights blinking on their machines as they push just the right buttons to set the mood. I'll play when you are nice and warm. I'll take you there, around the block, to the fast food joint and then pass the bouncer and there again. Tartu, this friday in Plink Plonk. I play as the grande finale around 2 o'clock. Afterwards we'll continue to the afterparty at the nearby bar with the party people. Tell us in the comments if you are a party person.
How was your weekend? We enjoyed a very wild weekend with my Parisian friend. We only had the weekend together so we had to fit everything in there. Multiple bars with multiple choices of drinks the first night lasted until 6am. Curing the hangover in sauna and then the 50th birthday of a lawyer. We enjoyed good wine and lots of food there and prepared for the party. We managed to squeeze in and to meet some very interesting new people there. And when I say people I mean girls and when I say interesting I mean...
interesting. Continued the afterparty at the late night spot with the artists from the party and we left at 8am. When he woke up on sunday at 5pm he was still drunk.
If you need fuel to keep you going at nights then download my tracks from the player.

Remix for Daggers is on youtube now, see if you can understand any of the lyrics>

New tracks are released soon. Come back soon to know more and
to participate in the rumble of the late nights and wild music.
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