I have your present.

You came for your present, right? It's under the tree and so hot it lit it on fire - remix of Malcolm Lincoln - Danz and wadz da cloudz. Push play and read how two ballerinas suggested that I remix our Eurovision talent. They wanted to play it at their ballerina Christmas party. Unfortunately it was interrupted by a gang of Russians who wanted to listen to hardstyle instead. Why is it hardstyle? It's not hard and it has no style. The first opportunity for style is 25th as I Dj with friends in our local bar. No live show this time, but I will play some unexpected tracks. 
My trash style remix is ready to pleasure you on the dancefloors. Enjoy it and share it with others. Robin Juhkental from Malcolm Lincoln thought it was coolio. Your gift to me is to like me on Facebook, follow on google and bookmark this page so we'll see soon enough. Bring a friend to my blog or Järelöö party>
Do you find the backwards Santa confusing? Christmas is confusing. Where are the good Christmas parties, miracles and why is Arnold Schwarzenegger flying around in a superhero costume?
I prefer the new years eve, the night of drinking champagne to kiss everyone at midnight. Rockets and champagne corks flying to the bright night sky. The most parties are happening, but how many can you make it to? My personal record is six. Seven if you count the afterparty in my bed. Looking forward to it all again and hopefully see you there.