What happened in 2010?

As 2010 ends, we look back at the passed year. Remember all the fun we had and relive it once again in our memories. I can't even remember last weeks parties so it's a bit of a challenge for me. 
The highlights I do remember from 2010, 
> played 11 shows with 15 to 1200 guests,
> remixed 6 songs,
> had songs on 2 releases, one in France,
> had 80 people listen to my xmas gabber,
> was on TV,
> crashed a mixer,
> had 9 parties at my place and on the balcony,
> posed for photos,
> was featured on 39 blogs,
> painted 6 paintings and exhibited 2 in Kumu,
> got lost in Rome and met local girls,
> learned mixing and arrangement,
> posted 26 times on this blog.
That's what I recall,  I probably forgot some wild stuff.
Now to remember all the parties, rooftops and squares I will have to make it to tonight. 
This stencil is a tribute to me from 2008 by a local artist.
Most of the shows of 2010:
> “Järelöö” Nott, Tartu
> "Back to reality check" Protest, Tallinn
> "Public frenemies" Plink Plonk, Tartu
> “Sleepwalkers brukout” Von krahl, Tallinn
> “Jurjev Supersonic” Genclub, Tartu
> “Lift off” copterline helioport, Tallinn
> “Factory night” factory, Tartu
> “Neotropic” Maailm, Tartu
> “Death by pop” Telliskivi, Tallinn
> “Ecstasy the new frequency” Genclub, Tartu
> “Neljapäev with lazers” Maailm, Tartu

There were some spontaneous Dj gigs as well but who can recall all of them. I know for sure that the last party in the Factory was wild. I had only three CDs with me, one of them was old school electro. I've never mixed as bad as then and had people dancing like that. My friend Kiwanoid fell off the counter while dancing and the party lasted until 10am. Truely a grande finale.

I am happy to finally see a video of the Public frenemies party. Strangely it was recorded at the slowest moment of my set. The track doesn't have a name and no lyrics. I'm on the left with Chungin next to me and my dancer up front. The best show this year along with NWL and Sleepwalkers brukout.

My promises for the new year:
> Play Ep will get released,
> I will sing on my tracks and at the shows,
> more wild stuff on this blog next year.