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But don't worry. Read what I remember from yesterday and check back tomorrow for updates and photos>
You know the "last nights party" feeling? You know you'll feel it in the morning when you go backstage and it's filled with various drinks. I'm feeling it. What happened last night? - Back to reality(check).

Photo by Gert Nõgu

All painted in neon colors we were under the black lights on the dancefloor. Glowing dancers in the dark were quite a spectacle. I played to people I appreciated: friends who have never seen my show, members of Mimicry, my sister and her boyfriend. I dropped the killer Malcolm Lincoln remix in the end. You will get it for xmas. Malcolm and Mimicry were cool on the stage, they had people playing with fire while they were playing.
After my show I spent most of the time in the backstage. Me and Malcolms agreed on "Don't drink too much before you play". We drank to that, but after the show. I also helped the girls with neon make up. I designed two lucky girls and enjoyed it, they enjoyed whining.
You will get the bangers like I S2 U soon I'm working on the next release.