When in Rome, party like the Romans do!

My stay in Rome was inspirational. The experience of living in a different culture and seeing people do things in another way really gives a new perspective on things. It could have been the sunglasses as well. For example the way they dress. As I discussed it with a local girl, in Estonia when you go shopping you say: "lets buy this, I haven't seen anyone else wear it" as in Italy they say: "lets buy this, everyone is wearing it". It reminded me watching the video that shows how the Benassi bros work on their tracks. Comparing it with how the Italians dress I can certainly see a pattern.

While there I went to see a concert by We Have Band, it has been a while since I have seen a famous band play. The Italian crowd was quite static except for the three hippies in front of me who were drinking peach vodka straight from the bottle (thanks for sharing). I liked the band and made it clear.

The Tallinn Daggers single has been released: http://www.tallinndaggers.com/?p=174 !
Check out my remix on it.
My new track YEAAAH!!! will be ready to be released soon, prepare yourself for the booming bass. You can hear it at the two upcoming LIVES, one in Tartu (December) and one in Tallinn(November). I will be sharing the stage with some of my good friends so the incredible party vibe will surely be there. More information as the dates approach.

I'm resuming work on the Lego video that has been on hold while I have been doing everything else. It's hard to find people to work with but I think it will be released soon. I haven't yet decided on the track that it will accompany but there will be music.
The auction didn't manage to sell my painting. Too bad! I will take the Island and paint two giant robots fighting in the sea. If anyone wants to get their hands on it then feel free to contact me.