Estonian national and contemporary cuisine and christmas specials

A lot of people have asked me about the Estonian national cuisine and also taken a sociological interest in the more contemporary question of what are the people of Estonia eating today. This is a picture of a typical Estonian meal.
Although during christmas time the picture is somewhat different and we can find a wider variety of food on the table.


Barthol Lo Mejor - Popdada

The book "Popdada" by Barthol Lo Mejor is now complete. It is a book about the lives of eight members of the creative popdada subculture. Lives filled with parties, DIY design, making music, love, unbelivable interior design, strange language and cafeine. Layout is done by one of the best - Martin Rästa. The critics have claimed his writing to be so sharp and on the point that it could kill a person. The book is meant for the children of the 21st century who have a fairly short attention span, so each chapter is a relatively short one and isn't present in the next one as it could be considered a parallel universe.
At the same time the first album of Barthol Lo Mejor is also been released under Robodada records. It is called "Popdada nites" and it's in the shape of an USB bracelet and packed into a nice rhythmbox. The first of these albums come on a black bracelet and only 50 of those are made especially for the true fans and collectors.