Grafodroom + Paar Veini

Warning! This post may contain graphic images

This weekend was incredibly short, but I got many good photos.

They wanted to know how come they hadn't been featured.

On Friday I went to see Zuks play at the opening of Grafodroom on Vabaduse Väljak. I had just gotten rejected by Tallinn Music Week and I needed to unwind.

You can contract all sorts of stuff from openings and sailors.

Grafodroom was a classical artists' venue. A basement with low ceilings, bare walls and a strong concentration of creative people. As the night progressed, a lot of traditional things happened.

Listening to the guy in black with a guitar.

There were different performers playing, I happened to miss some of them as the sound was most pleasant to listen to from the third room. I did see the guy with an electric guitar, dressed in black. He recruited Zuks to his band to play the backing tapes.

Zuks has a band

As usual I helped Uku with putting effects on tracks and making perfect loops. After our set there was a couple that played some generic ambient. We played Mortal Kombat on an arcade machine which was made out of a computer. I think that was the coolest thing there. The shout out for that goes to Ott.

Pipraviin from the jar.

At some point two girls arrived with a bottle of Pipraviin (spiced vodka) and I ended up drinking more of it than would have been reasonable.

Shopping for women.

Another hero of the night was the shopping cart. Noone else danced as much as it did. After all of that I swung by Must Puudel to grab a cider before heading home at 4:30.

Meeting people at Must Puudel

On Saturday I started at Clazz and continued to Red Emperor where I hadn't been before. I was pleasantly surprised by that place. But it's incredibly hard to find the entrance.

The wonderland of Red Emperor

From there I continued to Paar Veini, where some friends were playing records and others were drinking wine. I hadn't been there either. The fact that there wasn't much more than wine to drink was a downer as I have quit drinking wine. The sound was good though and I would like to go back to hear a good performance there.

Japan isn't that far!

I will be DJing twice in the coming week. I'm warming Sunlight Heart's EP tour. First on the 14th in Von Krahl and then on the 16th in Kink Konk. I will be playing a laid back electroish set so come have a listen. I won't probably do something like that anytime soon again.
See you there!