Top of Estonian Music Videos part#1

Barthol Lo Mejor is having other good stories, but just "Frank Call", in addition to the thrilling beat this sweet nostalgic moment, creating a story with a thoroughly.

There have been quite many music videos made in Estonia. As I don't agree with the official tops or the favorites of the many I have decided do give out some awards to Estonian music videos. (The numbers are illustrative.)

1. Best "driving around partying like it's 2000" music video: Mürgelmaschine - Wie eine Jungfrau.

2. Best "My attention span is short like..." music video: Hape - Tuhat.

3. Best "One shot" / "Jumping tits" music video: Taavi Tulev - Vilsandi.

4. Best "Hipster forest hallucinations" music video: Laika Virgin - Nähtamatu.

5. Best "Bums on TV" music video: TMF - Võsaneeger.

Let me know in the comments, what are your favorite Estonian music videos. See you at Von Krahl tonight and Saturday at Kink Konk in Tartu.