Estonian summer scenes #2

I'm going to continue going through photos from August and post them here for you to remember the summer vibes.

Cannonballing a bog lake

Tartu beaches!

Late hours...

Tallinn Old Town hairflip

At Kukemuru Festival hanging in a tent

The coolest venue in Tartu was f*cked up by the neighbors.

Techno girls outside of the venue, after my live.

Resting and smoking on a tire.

And then the dawn came for us.

Bleeding legs were fixed up.

Balancing in front of Genklubi.

The main crew.

The starting part of UIT Festival.

Superstar Dj Rafu mixing at UIT.

The Mojitoish drinks for the go.

Kicking it in the backyard.

Last party at THE Venue!
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See you soon!