Estonian summer scenes #1

You're not Barthol, he is much older

It has taken me a while to get through this summer's photos. In July alone I took 1700 photos and most of them are single takes. I will fill this post during these days and when it gets too long I will make another one.

Girls improvising with random
props for photos at a birthday.

Before the heat wave, out with the writers at their summer days.

Enjoying the sun after swimming back from the floating sauna in the middle of the sea.

The birthday boy showing off his spin skills at the boat harbor.

Happy for the watermelon.

The birthday girl's half-naked surprise fairy.

Miami Beach Tallinn before the rain storm hit.

Mickey smoking an invisible joint.

At the wedding with a cool dog and a beautiful sky.

Nothing like pearls and shooting at the wedding.

Inside the church.

Paranoia Publishing summer day's cruise.

Paranoia Publishing's cruise ende with Kiwa's performance -
the burning of several mics while they were plugged in.

Nothing like Tequila after sauna.

Guys wrestling naked during the heat wave in Tartu.

Heat wave girl.

Me and Badass Yuki's Paul in front of his old house.

Tourist meeting the Teletubby and its private parts.

The sunset Neptune beard look.

Celebrating the Birthday of Hunter S. Thompson
with shooting and drinking Mimosas.

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See you soon,