K8 MOSH Ep free download

My new Ep is available on XLR netlabel for free.
Listen to it, see what you think, pass it to your friends
who could enjoy it. Leave me comments on the Ep and
your favorite tracks.

Barthol Lo Mejors K8 MOSH Ep is served best for dancing at parties or home alone.
Friday night - a double espresso and an earfull of K8 Mosh and the
night can continue on a hyped pace.
W A R N I N G ! - the high levels of electropunk may cause euphoria and bruises.
For a safe landing we reccomend the last track, which will [almost] restore your life
to normal at dawn on monday.

In other news, I had to cancel my gig in Tallinn because I was sick but luckily there will
be the Y-Mas(my name idea) party on the 26th of december. Where I will come out with
some new tracks. One of them is a remix of my friends blues-rock band Kassidele Iirised
(kittens on butterscotch). It will be a ravish dance track with hoovers'n'shit.
The other track I look forward to completing is a track with an old hardcore sound and
quite interesting lyrics. A bit influences by the track "To the rave".

Okay C ya and don't forget to comment ;)



My new interest is designing earrings. They make a perfect bday present for a girl. A special kind of girl in my case. I just completed the second pair of earrings. For the first one I used the knobs left over from building the synth. They were broken so no other use for them anyways.
For the other pair I used heads of lego figures. Not the classical ones, but some piratish guy with a moustache. Very decadent :D
They are still with me but will find a new owner soon.

In other news K8 MOSH Ep will be released on xlr.ee real soon. That's is the cover up there.


Lego Rave, new book and K8 MOSH Ep

Things are going well. Projects that I started in the middle of the summer are progressing and some of them should soon be complete. First the new book that I'm writing with my coauthor has to be finished in two weeks. Gotta love deadlines. I see a huge amount of coffee being brewed in the near future. Racing time can begin.

Secondly the lego rave video for my song is in montage, we are still missing lots of photos and I'm running my brain on full steam to get some ideas. Still, seeing the photos actually move is a wonderful feeling. Also I have found a color corrector for my project. Quite a professional.

Thirdly my new K8 MOSH Ep will be released really soon. Just the graphics need to be done and then it's ready for your downloading pleasure. Stay tuned!


I built myself an analogue synth. I just spent a week in Tallinn, at the Plektrum festival. I was in a workshop for building an analogue synth. It was a lot of fun and trying the synth still is. It's a 2 voice - 6 osc Fmish synth.

Also I'm preparing to release an Ep under XLR. It will be a free net release. The hit song will be K8 Mosh. I have an idea for the other songs, but it's not certain. If you have some of my songs you would like to have on the Ep, leave the suggestion in the comments.


One weekend - 3 performances

This weekend I was in Tallinn and I had three performances. The first one was at a new place in an old industrial complex. It used to be a room for band rehersals, but now it's being turned into a club thing. At least that was the plan.

We arrived in Tallinn at friday noon, we had slept 3 hours during the night and had partied hard before that. We cleaned up the place and connected the speakers Tõnis had recently bought. Everything was okay in the soundcheck. But the night climaxed with burned out speakers. Luckily it was Tõnis who blew them. I had tried to play before, but my laptop was really slow and everything gave me the "not responding" sign. It got better on saturday when I uninstalled AVG free.

The party on saturday was the biggest one, playing in polymer. I was somewhat hastily just thrown the line for my computer and so I got off to a rough start. Also some genius had disconnected the mic I had previously set up, so that I had to connect stuff during my performance. But 15 minutes into the gig the people were really starting to feel it. I popped a bottle of champagne and kept rocking my new keytar (it's on the photos aswell). It triggers samples and effects in Ableton live. Also I'll buy a Korg NanoKontrol midi controller soon.

Photos by Timo Toots

On sunday I was performing at a friends birthday. It took place at a site next to the airstrip. It's a little shed with a roof terrace and a big rock(bigger than the shed). There were several musicians present, including Algorytmid with who we did a back to back improvised live thing. The atmosphere was really nice and laidback. The airplanes were taking off just next to the party.


Live performance + and -

Wednesday I had a live performance. It was in the annual Eclectica festival.
Before me there were Djs and a dubstep live.

The live was 15 minutes late because, I didn't have the microphone, which I had included in my technical rider previously, but it wasn't there. Also it took a lot of time to reconnect my laptop charger which had been disconnected and all the cables I needed. Luckily no problems with my laptop, which is faster with the new smaller harddrive inside and doesn't glitch while playing.

The live lasted 50 minutes and was rudely interupted by the following Dj, who just used the mixer to crossfade from my breakcorish song into his techno. Also throughout the perfmances there was a really drunk(high) guy trying to mc into a drum mic. Luckily you couldn't really hear him. During the first two songs the strap of my external keyboard broke twice and I had to lay it on the table instead. I used it to trigger samples and to add effects, filter and to change the tempo(Thank you ableton live). While playing, the Mc managed to kick my beer of the stage and I had to climb down to get it back(during the live :).

But the crowd was pleased, there were a lot of people that I had wanted to have as a crowd for a long time. It was a pleasure to have them there and to get the feedback afterwards. Including some musicians and dance students. Also some people who I didn't take as hardcore fans were grooving to it just infront of the stage.
The next day I had some messages asking me about the music and saying they enjoyed the night before.

I am working on improving my live and possibly I will drop the N0NStars and create a new one. I am covering my battle keyboard with glossy black vinyl, it will be quite a sight once finished.


My new instrument

I have two new lives coming up, one in Tartu, one in Tallinn. In Tartu it's the annual Eclectica festival. Partly for that I made a new instrument to use in my performance. It's a bit noise oriented. A french Vtech smartbook, that I circuit bent with the help of a real electronics pro. It's wonderful seeing someone open up the circuit and read it like an open book.

Together we turned the half defunct toy into a french noise machine. I will include a sample of the sound.

The two performances will rely mostly on the N0NStars live, but the one at eclectica might start with a more minimal touch.


My customized sneakers

I just finished customizing my white sneakers. They were quite cheap that's why I bought them. But they got dirty at the prison rave and I decided to redesign them.

How to do it? I chose the iconic zebra print for them. For the paint I used Montanas, as they are durable and even make the sneaker more waterproof. First I spray painted them pink. I taped the rubber parts to keep them white. I used the tape (instead of stencils) and taped the stripes onto the shoe. Sprayed it nice turquoise and there you go - beautiful DIY cyan and pink zebra print sneakers.

Good luck with your project!


Robotanical Live recording for downloading

Last weekend I was in Tallinn, in a former prison performing the N0NStars set. There are no records of that ever taking place, the memories are quite blurred even in my head.

However you can listen to the Robotanical Park live recording here.

The tracklisting:
1. Hello Fucca
2. Secret Formula 03
3. Antigirlpunkkk
4. Rendezvous des passepartous
5. Overdoze Winsky
6. K8 Mosh
7. All the asses
8. James Brown is Drunk
9. Don't buy Fun
10. Pacman suicide pact
11. Beat of my heart(seazure mix)[Hillary Duff]
12. Robopogo
13. Submerge Sun
14. Airraid 3/I would do that
15. Hilton star
16. Roboy Decay
17. Completely talentless
18. Highsteric
19. We live lives
20. Strongest Fastest
21. Popdada nites
22. Blonde Teen
My rhythmbox on grass.



Live at Robotanical Park

I just returned from playing at the Estonian festival Robotanical Park.
The three day festival was on a beautiful beach on the north coast.
I was performing my new N0NStars live (a little piece of it can be found here).
Wonderful people, the best weather and a fast beat and the party took off.
Probably some videos soon and a new party next weekend in an old Prison in Tallinn,
the Patareiv on the 15th of august .

Photos by Loore Emilie Raav


Lego animation continues

Tonight I had some friends over to help me make the tiny legomen dance in the lego club.
It's quite an effort to move each and every1 of the 60 figures. I am very thankful fot the extra help from my friends. The video is about a blonde who brings the party with her, the cops stop chasing escaped prisoners, businessmen turn rave and princes arrive on white horses, while the Dj cooks some nice earcandy. We will be done shooting in september and then we'll begin editing. So the video should be out in october probably.


Lego Rave

We're working on a music video for Barthol Lo Mejor - Callmebl0nde.
It will be a brickfilm and the biggest part of it will be a club shot. There are quite some lego animations about clubs, but I'm sure this one will be the illest. We have the craziest figures(no pirates or ninjas), the best Dj, a guy riding a white horse studio 54 style, the bl0nde and a lot of lights you can't see on the picture just yet.
Popdada Nites by LO MEJOR, Barthol on download at Juno Download

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Estonian national and contemporary cuisine and christmas specials

A lot of people have asked me about the Estonian national cuisine and also taken a sociological interest in the more contemporary question of what are the people of Estonia eating today. This is a picture of a typical Estonian meal.
Although during christmas time the picture is somewhat different and we can find a wider variety of food on the table.


Barthol Lo Mejor - Popdada

The book "Popdada" by Barthol Lo Mejor is now complete. It is a book about the lives of eight members of the creative popdada subculture. Lives filled with parties, DIY design, making music, love, unbelivable interior design, strange language and cafeine. Layout is done by one of the best - Martin Rästa. The critics have claimed his writing to be so sharp and on the point that it could kill a person. The book is meant for the children of the 21st century who have a fairly short attention span, so each chapter is a relatively short one and isn't present in the next one as it could be considered a parallel universe.
At the same time the first album of Barthol Lo Mejor is also been released under Robodada records. It is called "Popdada nites" and it's in the shape of an USB bracelet and packed into a nice rhythmbox. The first of these albums come on a black bracelet and only 50 of those are made especially for the true fans and collectors.