K8 MOSH Ep free download

My new Ep is available on XLR netlabel for free.
Listen to it, see what you think, pass it to your friends
who could enjoy it. Leave me comments on the Ep and
your favorite tracks.

Barthol Lo Mejors K8 MOSH Ep is served best for dancing at parties or home alone.
Friday night - a double espresso and an earfull of K8 Mosh and the
night can continue on a hyped pace.
W A R N I N G ! - the high levels of electropunk may cause euphoria and bruises.
For a safe landing we reccomend the last track, which will [almost] restore your life
to normal at dawn on monday.

In other news, I had to cancel my gig in Tallinn because I was sick but luckily there will
be the Y-Mas(my name idea) party on the 26th of december. Where I will come out with
some new tracks. One of them is a remix of my friends blues-rock band Kassidele Iirised
(kittens on butterscotch). It will be a ravish dance track with hoovers'n'shit.
The other track I look forward to completing is a track with an old hardcore sound and
quite interesting lyrics. A bit influences by the track "To the rave".

Okay C ya and don't forget to comment ;)