My bedroom studio and gear

Sorry I haven't written for some time. I've been busy mostly with school but also some music stuff. My new K8 MOSH Ep hasn't reached as many people as it should have and many people still don't have a party because of that. So if you haven't downloaded and listened to it, I suggest you do it.
Free at http://xlr.ee/?c=release&l=en&release=12
Also give it to your friends also, let them love it or hate it.

So pictures of my gear or rather the absence of it. On the first picture my desktop computer. Also my fresh nanoKontrol that I am happy with. I like using it for my liveshows, adding effects crossfading, adjusting volumes and other parameters, triggering samples. Also the oxygen 49 for playing melodies.

My laptop. Not the latest skin.

This circuitbent "Popdada Fm" used to be a radio it has a nice two output thing. One of them is amplified and the other is not. I could carry it around and play on it outside. At the moment it is broken, because one of the wires is loose and although I attempted to solder it before a show (I was kind of dipsy) I couldn't get it to work again, but I shall try again. I used it to perform in KUMU. It was a great show.

I have already introduced this piece of equipment. It's my WSG that I buit myself. It can be manipulated by pressing on the circuit. I am still missing the knobs for it.

My keytar and some circuitbent stuff is missing but I'll add them in the coming posts. In other news the remix should be soon released possible also played on the radio. I still have to tweak the sound somewhat. A lot of different projects are on the way, one of them is an exhibition and another one is a dance play. Also a vjdeo is in the making for Windshield Pfeiffer. For the people in Tartu, I will be playing this weekend in Maailm at the popular event "Neljapäev with Lazers"