Photos from Lazers

The photos from my Live went up yesterday, and I just finshed going through them.
It seems that I inspired the theme with my pacman suicide pact jacket. Now there are millions of pacmans on the photos. This is Neljapäev with Lazers 18 barely legal ;)
If you were there then leave a Comment! If you were not, tooooooo bad ;)

And so I heavenly descended from the skies above with a million pacmans to bring the BOOM.
The little pacman about to bite the bullet.
My little striptease was very well captured by this photo. It's about as much of striptease as I have time for.

A perfect shot of my hands, the crowd dancing and the camera recording.
Live vocals on K8 MOSH and Don't buy fun, luckily I could remember the words.

Mowka wanted to do some MCing under the table.
Mowka is under the table MCing.

The glasses come off, the nerd french electro teacers pet leaves and the party continues in a more normal pace. All photos are by Mr Whip.

Also happy birthday to my favourite girl TK, who couldn't make it to this party, but surely will do it next time :)