Dancing in the Dark

I spent this weekend in Viljandi. I was there working on a dance project for this spring. I have a feeling that it's going to be good. I rather like experimenting with my body and movement. Maybe more on the dance act as it develops.
After that we used some of the equipment to shoot some sequences that could be used in a possible future video.

The other reason was to establish contacts with a local club to see if it was possible to play there.

In other news there are two new videos of my Lives. Rather short ones but nonetheless here they are. My next live will be this Saturday in Genklubi and I will probably have a surprise dancer on the stage. But it's a secret ;) Also I finished the design for my shirt, with some help from a couple of designers. If everything goes well, I will wear it this Saturday and soon fans can get it as well. Yes, both of them ;)
I promise it's awesome!

The first one is the NWL

The other one is from the airport bday party.