Theatrical live

What a hangover.
Saturdays live was really crazy. Partly because I started drinking and partying before my live. Me and Uku combined our forces and came up with a plan. He would Dj before and after me and my live would be the core(hardcore). He would dance and pogo around the stage while I played.
As we got to the venue things started changing. Soundcheck was supposed to happen at 20, but finally it happened at 21:30. Instead of the promised 80-90 minutes we were told shortly before that we could only play for 60 and some other issues. Now you see why it was crucial to start drinking before ;)
The look for this live was Hipster. A little goatee, wayfarers and a tracksuit(matching with Uku). We got on the stage right after the belorussian indieband (who had had a soundcheck for 1,5h) had put down their guitars. Of course if you check your stuff in the soundcheck, it won't be like that when you get back. There will always be an overeager musician moving your stuff around.

That hairball is Zuks

Once we got the live rolling the crowd came along real fast. Uku was in front of the crowd making his body do incredible things. I also managed to get my good friend TK on the stage, as she has the bad habit of asking me for something to drink while I am on the stage.
In the end it was Uku and TK dancing like crazy on the stage, me playing and pogoing in the background and the people partying along in the blue light. For the last track even the organizer came on the stage and we finished the live holding hands all sweaty and sweet. The next act was a hip-hop thing.

I finished the remix for Kassidele Iirised and it should be available soon. Also atm I am working on a remix for mimicry (Kene Vernik on the vocals) which is going to be Sick. There are still some things to figure out regarding the shirts.

Photos by Alan Proosa