Tallinn Ego remixed

Back from Tallinn, yet another Live played. This time at a small thing with friends. I loved the fact that most of the people there were Russian. I feel that the Russian crowd is a very interesting one and it's too bad that I haven't had too many shows involving them. I definetly would like to, in the future. And lets face it, the girls are something else.

I had a fever. It really was too bad but actually in a way it was nice to just bob my head instead of jumping around. Okay okay, I actually did jump around the place with Iwan. Sending him a shout out for being at the party with us. His blog where he writes about his interesting technology based art. I had a worse fever a couple of years ago when I was reading in Kumu for a book presentation. My mouth was dry and I had to walk around not to collapse. And it's all on video.
Me with Reginleif

The theme for the party was Lego Ego. I always have one part of it with me ;) Of course I did get a little help from a friend or two - mixing rum, gognac, tequila and cider. The mood was set despite the fever and the party took off. Crazy lights and visualizations flashing everywhere, strobes firing. People jumping, playing with legos and old videogames. After me dr Esc and .Khi played.

A short clip from the event:

The first remix for Kassidele Iirised is finally online. Atm on youtube.

Photos by microcobra and me