Dancing in the Dark

I spent this weekend in Viljandi. I was there working on a dance project for this spring. I have a feeling that it's going to be good. I rather like experimenting with my body and movement. Maybe more on the dance act as it develops.
After that we used some of the equipment to shoot some sequences that could be used in a possible future video.

The other reason was to establish contacts with a local club to see if it was possible to play there.

In other news there are two new videos of my Lives. Rather short ones but nonetheless here they are. My next live will be this Saturday in Genklubi and I will probably have a surprise dancer on the stage. But it's a secret ;) Also I finished the design for my shirt, with some help from a couple of designers. If everything goes well, I will wear it this Saturday and soon fans can get it as well. Yes, both of them ;)
I promise it's awesome!

The first one is the NWL

The other one is from the airport bday party.


Photos from Lazers

The photos from my Live went up yesterday, and I just finshed going through them.
It seems that I inspired the theme with my pacman suicide pact jacket. Now there are millions of pacmans on the photos. This is Neljapäev with Lazers 18 barely legal ;)
If you were there then leave a Comment! If you were not, tooooooo bad ;)

And so I heavenly descended from the skies above with a million pacmans to bring the BOOM.
The little pacman about to bite the bullet.
My little striptease was very well captured by this photo. It's about as much of striptease as I have time for.

A perfect shot of my hands, the crowd dancing and the camera recording.
Live vocals on K8 MOSH and Don't buy fun, luckily I could remember the words.

Mowka wanted to do some MCing under the table.
Mowka is under the table MCing.

The glasses come off, the nerd french electro teacers pet leaves and the party continues in a more normal pace. All photos are by Mr Whip.

Also happy birthday to my favourite girl TK, who couldn't make it to this party, but surely will do it next time :)



LIVE and Kicking

The live on thursday was amazing. The club was packed tight and some people couldn't get in. It was -20C outside but on the inside the Djs were bringing the heat.
I put on my latex jacket which I had recustomized just hours before. I used the "Pacman suicide pact" theme(it was also the opening track with it's atmospheric intro). Mixed with the nerdy glasses and voila the french electro teachers pet look was created.
One of the guests described the music as "getting kicked in the face in a good way". Also my kid sister was there for the first time and she was quite pleased with it. Altogether I am very pleased with the crowd in Tartu, a lot of friends in the crowd and people just let loose. I haven't received the photos yet, they are being promised for Monday and I'll upload them when I get them. Also AloTV was filming my live and did and interview with me in the end. It will probably air in two weeks.

Playing live is really more of a job than partying, it's a fun job but it's still a job. Any track will be played for about 2-3 minutes. During that time you have the mixing with the previous and the next track and any effects I want to apply. While doing all that the only time to see the crowd and the party is when I check that the people are dancing. And all the spare time I have left, I just pogo up and down. Also the people who come to ask for eather requests or E have to be communicated with. And on two songs I'll shout the lyrics live.

Me with the neon nerd look and kiwanoid at a secret party.

The keytar has become quite obsolete, because of my new nanoKontrol although the keymapings for killing the three frequencies and ending a track are still mapped on the keyboard and serve their purpose. Also the assignments triggering the vocal samples are mostly on the numpad. But there's no denying that it looks interesting.

In 2010 I'll probably work more on remixes and collaborations. There are some that need to be done already.

The party was organized by http://wellplayed.wordpress.com/


My bedroom studio and gear

Sorry I haven't written for some time. I've been busy mostly with school but also some music stuff. My new K8 MOSH Ep hasn't reached as many people as it should have and many people still don't have a party because of that. So if you haven't downloaded and listened to it, I suggest you do it.
Free at http://xlr.ee/?c=release&l=en&release=12
Also give it to your friends also, let them love it or hate it.

So pictures of my gear or rather the absence of it. On the first picture my desktop computer. Also my fresh nanoKontrol that I am happy with. I like using it for my liveshows, adding effects crossfading, adjusting volumes and other parameters, triggering samples. Also the oxygen 49 for playing melodies.

My laptop. Not the latest skin.

This circuitbent "Popdada Fm" used to be a radio it has a nice two output thing. One of them is amplified and the other is not. I could carry it around and play on it outside. At the moment it is broken, because one of the wires is loose and although I attempted to solder it before a show (I was kind of dipsy) I couldn't get it to work again, but I shall try again. I used it to perform in KUMU. It was a great show.

I have already introduced this piece of equipment. It's my WSG that I buit myself. It can be manipulated by pressing on the circuit. I am still missing the knobs for it.

My keytar and some circuitbent stuff is missing but I'll add them in the coming posts. In other news the remix should be soon released possible also played on the radio. I still have to tweak the sound somewhat. A lot of different projects are on the way, one of them is an exhibition and another one is a dance play. Also a vjdeo is in the making for Windshield Pfeiffer. For the people in Tartu, I will be playing this weekend in Maailm at the popular event "Neljapäev with Lazers"