LIVE and Kicking

The live on thursday was amazing. The club was packed tight and some people couldn't get in. It was -20C outside but on the inside the Djs were bringing the heat.
I put on my latex jacket which I had recustomized just hours before. I used the "Pacman suicide pact" theme(it was also the opening track with it's atmospheric intro). Mixed with the nerdy glasses and voila the french electro teachers pet look was created.
One of the guests described the music as "getting kicked in the face in a good way". Also my kid sister was there for the first time and she was quite pleased with it. Altogether I am very pleased with the crowd in Tartu, a lot of friends in the crowd and people just let loose. I haven't received the photos yet, they are being promised for Monday and I'll upload them when I get them. Also AloTV was filming my live and did and interview with me in the end. It will probably air in two weeks.

Playing live is really more of a job than partying, it's a fun job but it's still a job. Any track will be played for about 2-3 minutes. During that time you have the mixing with the previous and the next track and any effects I want to apply. While doing all that the only time to see the crowd and the party is when I check that the people are dancing. And all the spare time I have left, I just pogo up and down. Also the people who come to ask for eather requests or E have to be communicated with. And on two songs I'll shout the lyrics live.

Me with the neon nerd look and kiwanoid at a secret party.

The keytar has become quite obsolete, because of my new nanoKontrol although the keymapings for killing the three frequencies and ending a track are still mapped on the keyboard and serve their purpose. Also the assignments triggering the vocal samples are mostly on the numpad. But there's no denying that it looks interesting.

In 2010 I'll probably work more on remixes and collaborations. There are some that need to be done already.

The party was organized by http://wellplayed.wordpress.com/