Weekend night adventures #3

Welcome back!
This week has been fun and evolving. On Tuesday we went to a presentation of a new alchemist book. They had swords, shots of pure spirit and bellydancers, what a show it was. I've also been working on the new Ep - choosing, mixing and mastering tracks. I'm still working on the concept as I have three different types of tracks in my selection. I will have friends and fans help me with selecting the right tracks for the Ep. It will be longer than four tracks this time, so stay tuned.

Rushing to Kink Konk where Raadž was supposed to play ten minutes ago.

Last night we went to Kink Konk with dj Raadž and these are the photos, some of them decent, some not. The night out was fun, the music was fit for dancing and the crowd was cool. Raadž dropped the new ZZT - party's over L.A. and killed it in many ways. I prefer Kink Konk to Genialistid, check it out if you haven't, it's really cool.

A friend from Paris using her disguising techniques.

Unfortunately during the party someone kidnapped the badass dinosaur from Kink Konk and they really miss it, so if you know who took it, force them to return it. There was also a goofy red beret lying around there and everyone tried it on. It's better if I don't post those photos.

Raadž finally makes it to the decks.

I've been invited to the opening of Nälg tonight. It's a new shop-cafe-club that's opening in Tartu. I'm excited to go and check it out. I have high expectations and I hope they come through. It's invite only until 23 but from there on, it's open for everyone. I'll let you know how it was.

Zuks, my partner in crime when it comes to dance battles
combining jumpstyle, tectonic and break dance.
There will be lots to talk about soon. Come back for the news about the EP, the video and live shows. I've got to now. There's another battle of the bands and I'm on the list as George Bush.

Karl T, doesn't remember seeing me yesterday.
See you soon!