Two bands, one track

Nice pink voice!! cool vibesss!! big baaaassss!! TotAl Barthol Bag Stylish!§!

Welcome back!
I've went to two concerts this week. The first one was Mimicry at the history museum. It started at 9pm and lasted for an hour or so. It was for the opening of the Student days. The event reminded me of youth centers. Early beginning, awkward venue and over by 11. Nonetheless Mimicry got the people out of their chairs and dancing. Despite the difficult echo I enjoyed their concert. It was enjoyable and professional.

Mimicry concert at history museum.

The other concert was in Genialistide Club. My friends were playing one of their first gigs with their band. They play keys and guitars on electronic beats and sing. They reminded me of such acts as Peaches, Stella and Dirty Princess. It was an interesting parallel . A bit more stage presence and mixing on the beats and it would be great. They are playing at the battle of bands this Friday.

Eclectic Empire concert at Genialistid.

I could go on to compare the two bands and the shows and everything, but I'll just ask you to look at the two  photos and tell us which one you like more. Go to the comments n o w and tell us your opinion. Thanks!

I've been composing on Ableton instead of FL lately and this is one of the newer clips. What do you think? Is it too LMFAO?

See you soon!