Do you dare to play with us?

"What was your best time like? How many foreign guys have you done? Go kiss that boy on the cheek!"
Hey you!
I'm glad to see, that we've reached 250 on facebook. Our nights have been busy, but I hope you've had time to enjoy my pick up track. Do you need to know more? Let me think - yes, yes. yesyes.

Our new favorite game to play while out, is truth or dare. It usually results to people confessing their sexual fantasies to strangers, talking to people in French about their slutty earrings and demanding for hugs and kisses. I had to pole dance and to ask a bum to teach me a dance move. He didn't know any, so he asked another bum. He didn't know any either. Won't reveal any truths, as you really have to be a part of it to get the juicy details. It's my favorite way to spend an hour or two at night. There are always 3 to 8 participants, who usually do what is needed. If you don't know how to play I'll give you a quick how to.

How to play truth or dare>
Form a circle. Spin the bottle in the middle of the circle. The spinner asks "truth or dare" from the person the bottle points at.
Truth > the person has to answer a question by the spinner.
Dare > the spinner tells the person what to do. For example: "kiss that guy."
After completing the task that person is the new spinner. Have fun trying it out despite the fact that you're over  18.

At daytime I went to jam with my friends band. They were missing the vocalist and the drummer so they put me in charge of the Yamaha drum machine and novation K-station. Last week a jazz drummer taught me about music theory, mostly about chords. For example the most common melody in pop is 2-5-1 (DGC in C major). I had the opportunity to use my new skills. I'm better at composing melodies than actually playing them. Nonetheless it was fun and we're going to do it again soon. I'll be implementing these new skills in my fresh tracks.

I remind you that Mõisa Karneval in Mooste is approaching. I recommend you join us for the fun as Robotaanika Park 2011 won't be happening. I'll rap the pick up track live. Maybe we'll have you playing truth or dare with us somewhere. Meanwhile leave your truths into the comments.
See you soon!