It's My time to...

"Tartu nightlife won't be same without you"
Hey you!

I've recovered from midsummer's wild party. It was by the biggest lake. At some points it felt like a sea. Beautiful nature and good company. There we took the truth or dare to a new level. The truth option was banned, only dares were accepted. Unbelivable things happened, here are some photos from our game.

Girls kissing

I just graduated from Uni. I now have a BA and according to the speeches I heard, a long way to go on my academic path. The best part was when my friend from Paris congratulated me with a bottle of prosecco. We continued to celebrate in the park and had dinner after that. I might post that photo of me in a suit soon.

This was supposed to be a lapdance

Nothing is keeping me put anymore. I'm considering moving to Tallinn or maybe further to Berlin or NYC. I will figure it out during summer and I'll let you know once I've decided. But before that we still have to celebrate summer together.

Doing it in doggystyle
I've been working on a crazy electro track, but it still needs some taming. The next thing I want to give you is a mix of all the tracks that should be on my coming Ep. After that I will give you me, rapping the pick up track on stage, at Mõisa Karneval. It's a must go festival and I hope to see you there for good times sake.

Having a drink from her bellybutton

I now have more time to work on my tracks and the EP. I will keep you posted on the progress. If you know any net labels who might be interested in releasing my tracks then contact me.
See you soon!