Three party mix

"What do u mean u have to organize a festival? What's more important? Work or some party?"
Hey you!
Another weekend has passed. It doesn't really matter what day it is during summer. We're trying to balance work and fun, but there tends to be more of fun. It's especially hard if the first party starts at 11am on a friday, a birthday at 4pm and then another one at 9pm. It births some great stories to share though.

The first party was at Nott, where they were playing music from the terrace. They were also live broadcasting it online. I would like to play a Dj set there next time. I'm almost done with my new mix for my fresh Ep.

We Djed using his Traktor S4 midi controller at the first birthday. I'm used to playing on it, as we use it with Redlip when we play as Fluon. It was a good day as I was happy with my mix. Too bad we didn't record it. I'm also rehearsing for my live at Mõisa Karneval. I've got to get my rap on and to prepare some of my fresh tracks.

We found this cool chandelier at a birthday. 

Afterwards we went to a birthday at the countryside. At first we had to play Turkish football. The party lasted until 5 in the morning. There were so many mosquitoes inside that I spent the night sleeping on a table outside. In the morning, a guy called me tablemn because of that.

How to play Turkish football>
It's like regular football with some changed rules. It lasts 2x20 minutes or until there are players. After every 4 minutes every player takes a shot of vodka. If a team goals, they have a shot. If someone commits a foul, they drink a shot. At half time everyone has a shot. If the ball falls into the pond then the whole team jumps in to salvage it. The game resumes when the goalies have returned.

As Mõisa Karneval approaches my set is being polished and upgraded. I'll post the mix in my next post. I'll see if I can get that photo of me in a suit as well. You should really join us there for a good time. Leave a comment if you enjoy summer parties outside.
See you soon!