Festival fever #2

"I'm always waiting for a new post."
Hey you!
I spent the weekend at Viljandi Folk Festival. This time I was fever free, not like the last festival. The folk festival triples the towns population and it's loads of fun. Folk music is not my favorite style, but there's much more to do there. It's where you meet your friends from all corners of Estonia, hang out and do stupid stuff.

Waiting to get paid.

The festival had a beach, drinks and yes, morons with fists. One of my friends got punched in the face. Other one was hospitalized because of drinking, but most of us had just fun with minor injuries.

A very special diet of earthworms and beer.

We were going to stay at a friends place, but the first night he didn't hear us ringing the doorbell and his phone had died. So we spent the night on the doorstep. Luckily we had our sleeping bags. The night was warm and it was okay. There were apple trees behind the house. I fell asleep instantly.

Having a beer by the church.

The street musicians were playing. Some were solo and some had bands. That's one way to earn your living as a musician. I'm still waiting to see someone play a synth show on the streets. Gypsies on the Paris metro had big portable amps that could be used for that. My favorite street musician was playing Super Mario theme on a violin in the metro.

Discussing music with Paul.
There weren't as many people as last years. Don't know why. The festival still made loads of money. The presale tickets make a lot of money even half a year before the festival has started. A friend of mine calculated  it, but I can't recall the exact number. It's good to see an event that's not loosing money.

Music festivals are a cool part of the summer. I'll visit at least one more this summer. I haven't decided which one but there are options like Kuru Krill and Flow Festival in Finland. Good friends, music and drinks make the best summer moments.

Celebrating the night.
Did you go to Viljandi? Tell us about it in comments. Enjoy the fireworks!
See you soon!