Visiting Popop

"It reminds me of 90s tracker techno and style wise Lone's recent works"
Hey you!
I haven't been up to much just kicking it with pneumonia. It must have been the Turkish football or the midsummer's day. Almost got put into a hospital. Nonetheless we have some news.

My pick up track was played on a Berlin radio station Fritz. Also on an Estonian station. It's always a good surprise to find out something like that.

I guest blogged on Popop about two tracks I like with cool animated videos. It was fun and I might do it again. Be sure to check it out. Popop has frequent free mp3 downloads of both old and new tracks. It's the Estonian contributor for Music Alliance Pact. Even if I don't have a new post up check out my twitter feed on the right, it has the news as soon as I get them. So you can stay posted.
See you soon!