Festival fever

"Are you gonna play now? I played an hour ago. Oh, could you do it again?"
Hey you!
We had a great time at the Mõisa Karneval festival. The organizers were A+ and a big shout out to them for organizing an awesome summer festival. 

Girls listening to the poetry tractor.

I was considering whether to go or not as I had a fever of 38C on Friday. In the end I decided to just go and to make it somehow. I was fighting the fever half of the time. I was lucky to get pills from a friend of mine. I don't know what I'd have done without that paracetamol. We had a lot of fun when I wasn't curled up and cold. Listening to Pedigree and Postuganda were experiences, I hadn't heard them play live before. I was also happy to see Redlip play a set there. It was at 6pm the first day and most of the people were outside and laying in the sun.

A good moment in my punisher shirt.

The night I spent there was the hardest part. There were loud metal douches who insisted on flicking the lights and having loud meaningless conversations in the sleeping area. I'd have told them to kindly shut it and get out, had I not been struggling with fever. Luckily I had earplugs.

The festival nights got pretty wild in the end. I might have posted too many photos of girls laying on the ground.

My live went well, all things considered. The biggest problem was that I hadn't had the time/energy to do a soundcheck. So when I finally plugged in, the sound had a buzz and it was only playing from the left channel.  Luckily the mixer had a mono/stereo switch and so I played in mono. It finally pays off, having optimized  my songs for mono as well while mastering. The buzz was a mystery as I've gotten it when my charger is plugged in, but this time unplugging only made it worse. So the lesson is always and I do mean always, do a sound check. It all reminded me how I played Robotaanika park two years ago.

Vj Kri had some awesome visuals.

The end of the was like a fatboy slim video. Good friends dancing on the stage as Dj dzheimz was playing groovy bass. Some of the local kids were in a completely different dimension and had to be thrown out as they were harshing the mellow.

The end of the night with just the closest friends and hardest partiers.
I hope there will be another Mõisa Karneval next year. The organizers were top notch. I didn't even get to tell you about the poetry reading from inside a tractor. My favorite poem involved a clever firewire+usb innuendo.

Even babies enjoy Postuganda soundcheck.
I'll be back soon and in case you missed my live, check out the tracks on the player at the upper right corner. Have a listen, leave a comment and see you soon.