Prison and a deserted island

"I was there, when he used to play to empty clubs, now he's playing the biggest festivals."
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We went on a spontaneous holiday to a deserted island. I got a call saying that I have 15 minutes to decide if I want to go. I hesitated for a second, but decided I was go. Another half an hour for packing everything and then we were ready to ride the beast in to the wilderness. The beast is a big Nissan Patrol.

There were three of us. Me, Robodada labelhead and a blonde. The beast cut it's way through the country. 6 hours later we had reached the coast. The place we wanted to go to was gated and it was 1am and too dark to do anything. So we set camp on the seashore. The wind and rain kept ravaging the tent all night long and I dreamt that naked neighbors were coming to our camp.

A deserted soviet coast guard tower.

Next morning the weather had improved somewhat and it seemed we had a chance, so we crossed the sea. Everything we were wearing got wet because the waves were so big.  It was a surfers dream. As we had set up the tent again, hung the clothes to dry and began a fire, it started raining again. So we took a break with wine and stories in our tent. Soon the rain stopped and the sun came out again. The fire was still burning and we roasted meat over the hot coals. The blonde was a vegetarian.

The view from the tent.

We woke up in a sauna, as the sun was hot and high. We had a new friend, a lone seal was stalking us from the sea. His head kept resurfacing for hours, always nearby. The sky was clear and it was the perfect time to work on my tan.  We ate a watermelon and turned what food we had left into a soup. As soon we had no water or food left we packed up and shipped out. This time we stayed dry. Pancakes and coffee for lunch at a indian fish restaurant in the city. We were joined by Kinkymint who had to hurry to a sushi place while we headed back to Tallinn.

"I haven't been on facebook for two days". Browsing around the campfire.

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