Patareiv - Prison rave.

"I saw your live 3 years ago. Me and a couple people enjoyed it, but I'm not so sure about the others."
Hey you!
Patareiv was one of the funnest parties in a while. Mixing good music, friends and tasty drinks produced special moments. 

Happy for her new "Blo me" shirt.

The party started at  6 but most of the people didn't show up before midnight. I was playing to a crowd by then. Four stages altogether and our stage was built on an ancient soviet truck. It was very suitable for heavy machinery bass. There were also stages for techno, house and psy trance/dubstep.

Photo: Alver Linnamägi.

My set was heavy. I didn't play any old harder and faster tracks except for "Windshield pfeiffer" as the encore (even despite that one girl on the right shouting she didn't want to hear another one). I sang on the "Pick up track" and "Urge to follow". The rock soundguy provided me tips for the vocals. Some true fans were really rocking it to "I dig dirt" and other wild bass ones. There was also a guy shouting for something mellow and my dear kid sister. I changed from my Punisher shirt to my "Blo Me" shirt during playing. A girl dancing in the front row threw me candy, a carambar with a weird joke. I threw my shirt to her, as the crowd was shouting: "Give it to her! Give it to her!". Congrats to all the proud owners of a "Blo me" shirt. The shirts have now been sold out.

Photo: Alver Linnamägi. My sticker collection.

Thanks to everyone for listening and dancing. I hope to meet you again soon and in the meanwhile we'll stay in touch on facebook and of course here on Fluon. Remember to download my tracks from the player up there on the right.>>

Photo: Alver Linnamägi. You can photoshop your face there.

I loved the set by Anthelia. It was heavy and gabberish, but with housish chords like "Benny Rodrigues - Rotterdam". I also liked Rhythm Doctor, Talvik and Marek Poel. I send my regards to Redlip (Fluon crew) whose Traktor controller didn't work anymore when it was time to play. I hope it will resurrect. She was recording my live show so you might see my show even if you missed it at Patareiv.

Lone techno dancer in the beginning of the night.

We kept dancing until the dawn and were blessed with a fresh dance move - "shark jaws". I'm sure you can imagine how to move your hands to imitate a shark. It goes into the vault with such classic moves like Chernobyl child plays ping pong and "lost in the woods (bewildered eyes)".

Extreme prison planking.

The night ended with rescuing a stray guy from on top of a big pipe. At first it looked like extreme planking, but then he explained that he had wanted to stage a prison break. He got tangled in barbed wire and couldn't get down anymore. With our guidance, he climbed down in no time and left for home.The photo was awesome, but the guy contacted me and asked me to remove it. Now it's up to you to fill the gap with your granny or whoever you would like to see planking there.

Sunshine underground.

We continued partying until 10 in the morning. We escorted Alver to get his photos developed and had a breakfast in old town. Then I went to get my well deserved two hour power nap. I hope your weekend was something as good (at Flow festival for example).
See you soon!