Party must go on!

"I saw your circuit bending feature back when I was in Denmark"
Hey you!
I'll keep it short and tell you about how we played twister on the street some other time. Here are more photos from Patareiv. We are going back there soon to play a back to back electro set with Redlip as Fluon. If you have requests then leave a shout here. More on the event on facebook. Take a moment to enjoy this video from Patareiv. It has me singing on "Urge to follow", remix of "Edgar Savisaar" and new tracks>>

I've been drinking lots of coffee and taking nights to complete some of the tracks. I've been searching for the direction to go towards. Either Calvin Harris type softer electro dance  ("Pick up track") or Huoratron and Proxy kind heavy trash Electro ("For play Ep"). I've reached something in between comparable to Tiga's "What you need". Heavy trashy bass with a popish high end on top, a rich dessert to be enjoyed. I'll play some of them in the Fluon set.

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See you soon!