Robotanical Live recording for downloading

Last weekend I was in Tallinn, in a former prison performing the N0NStars set. There are no records of that ever taking place, the memories are quite blurred even in my head.

However you can listen to the Robotanical Park live recording here.

The tracklisting:
1. Hello Fucca
2. Secret Formula 03
3. Antigirlpunkkk
4. Rendezvous des passepartous
5. Overdoze Winsky
6. K8 Mosh
7. All the asses
8. James Brown is Drunk
9. Don't buy Fun
10. Pacman suicide pact
11. Beat of my heart(seazure mix)[Hillary Duff]
12. Robopogo
13. Submerge Sun
14. Airraid 3/I would do that
15. Hilton star
16. Roboy Decay
17. Completely talentless
18. Highsteric
19. We live lives
20. Strongest Fastest
21. Popdada nites
22. Blonde Teen
My rhythmbox on grass.