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Fridays partys i n t r o d u c t i o n >

Remember how my live almost got cancelled? My laptop is getting surgery at the moment because a special party awaits to get jumpstarted. You can finally experience Barthol Lo Mejor and Sex Drive Live joining forces to give you hours of wild dancing. Thousands of lights blinking on their machines as they push just the right buttons to set the mood. I'll play when you are nice and warm. I'll take you there, around the block, to the fast food joint and then pass the bouncer and there again. Tartu, this friday in Plink Plonk. I play as the grande finale around 2 o'clock. Afterwards we'll continue to the afterparty at the nearby bar with the party people. Tell us in the comments if you are a party person.
How was your weekend? We enjoyed a very wild weekend with my Parisian friend. We only had the weekend together so we had to fit everything in there. Multiple bars with multiple choices of drinks the first night lasted until 6am. Curing the hangover in sauna and then the 50th birthday of a lawyer. We enjoyed good wine and lots of food there and prepared for the party. We managed to squeeze in and to meet some very interesting new people there. And when I say people I mean girls and when I say interesting I mean...
interesting. Continued the afterparty at the late night spot with the artists from the party and we left at 8am. When he woke up on sunday at 5pm he was still drunk.
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Remix for Daggers is on youtube now, see if you can understand any of the lyrics>

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