Delayed! Broken! Canceled!

Your computer output is broken, no soundcheck and your live is an hour later than planned. Does this sound like the start of the best party?
Well it was.
I used the Lexicon soundcard of the Krahl sound guy (thx). After Zebra and Snake I threw on the Tallinn Daggers remix and we went crazy. Even though the tempo and feel of my song was twice as ecstatic. You were crazy on the floor and I was crazy on the stage. For that half an hour we were unified in the beats. Dj Vattu came to give me a hand on knob twiddling and also a very refreshing zip of rum (various animals had drunk all the alcohol in the backstage).
not a photo of the best party

Hundreds of people at the party. The stairs too crowded to go downstairs to smoke or to listen to the reggae party below. Lots of cool artists in the backstage and among them Mia the superstar organizer who only ate caffeine and peach cigarettes and didn't allow her best friends backstage not to mention the groupies or the spaced out dancer-promoter guy. She was strict and it was cool like that. The act that cancelled was Henry, a good friend of mine from the Dance marathon (the blog post for that), but luckily he got to play the outro for the party. His ambient sweeping the room as the Mc rhymed and beatboxed and I was embracing my fans while Emer the star Vj accused me of being a rockstar. Which as you know I am not, but to be sure come and see next time as I bang my cowbell, the sister of all instruments. More on that next time.

A special thanks to all the friends that were ravin away. We will go crazy again soon and people who missed Tallinn, we'll meet in Tartu on the 10th in Plink plonk.