Thanks to some, who didn't come!

My minimix with fre$h tracks is this posts soundtrack, 

don't start reading before you push play>
Can you hear how I love you now? It gives you the feel of my show.
Public Frenemies party was incredible. A hundred partygoers but what a positive vibe. All the douchebags, brutes and annoying girls we didn't want to see at our party weren't there. You know what I mean. It felt like being with your lost friends again. There were some friends we had never met before but every one was in the right mood. You were offered candy bracelets, vodka in rainbow colors and refreshments. Girls in sexy outfits greeted you on the corners. Somewhat of a candyraver flashback. Surprising even us, we had a surprise act. One of the performers had broken a leg the day before because of the massive snow and so Mc Lord from Öökülm came to lay down some rhymes. Some time ago he said in a magazine that he would like my Windshield Pfeiffer to be played at his funeral (so it wouldn't be dull). But wouldn't you?
My show was charged with energy as usual but this time I also had a dancer on stage with me. If you remember then it's not the first time I've had a show with a crazy dancer. She was doing her broken robot as she called it on stage and the people loved it. People love girls and if that girl is as crazy as my go-go dancer then we love her even more. You can see her preparing to dance with pink vodka on the picture below.
Other people came on the stage to get a shot, to shout or to play the cowbell. Some gave their part on the dancefloor, especially the girl who told me that she had hated my music a year ago. There were also bandmembers, models and photographers attending. We all contributed to the experience in the end and we will do it again soon. We had tons of fun. It really pays to organize a party with a positive attitude. If you don't dance at your party then why should others? Do You like raw fun? You are welcome to join us on the floor and meanwhile get ready with us on this blog.

 Another party that's organized with a really nice atmosphere is on Friday in Tallinn, Protest. I haven't been to Protest or Korter before but I like the organizers and they promised that we'll have loads of UV paint to play around with. I'm signing secret autographs on you after the show. See you soon!