Christmas, sofas, busted knees.

kanye west is heeeeeere

Expect new music and visual goodies very soon.

Everything started on Wednesday when we went to Sofar Talinn's concert number two. I guess you already know about Sofar, but in short it's a series of concerts that take place in people's living rooms. There's no ticket but you have to register in advance to go there. Three acts play and you won't know which ones before you get there.

Audience at Sofar 2, Chalice in the middle.

This time the acts were Markus Nylund, Vul Vulpes and Chalice/Jarek Kasar. Markus was standing in for Faun Racket. I had mixed feelings about that substitution, I love Faun Racket's electronic sound, but I'm not sure they would have rocked through the small speakers.

It's the sound of my shoes.

We were somewhat late and so we didn't get a good spot. Instead we hung on the indoors balcony. There were people from advertising, fashionistas and musicians in the audience. The building was in the Luther quarter and it was truly impressive. The passing trams were a nice finishing touch.

Photo battle casualty

Friday was one of the quietest in a long time. We hit Von Krahl, as we didn't get to go to the "AKGP 21" neon special event. It was a Kuduro party with not that many people there. A few drinks and dances to breakcore and we left. I hit Noorus to say hi and continued from there towards Telliskivi. We never made it there.

The girls on the left were supposed to dance on the speakers.

Saturday was once again a wild night. My first Christmas party this year was at Slothrop's book shop. A great place for feeding your brain. All the people working there are interesting in different ways.

Microcobra is ready.

I was to play a Dj set at Red Emperor. I was excited to see how do russophone glitch/8bit/breakcore acts and DJs interact with Australians, other foreigners and xenophile girls. I was a little late to see the experiment, as the foreigner concentration was fairly light when I got there.

I got on stage at 2:30 am. After the first 15 minutes the crowd got on the stage with me and stayed till the end of the night.

Olya rocking it.

The set was loads of fun. A lot of people came up to me while I was playing and I think only half of them requested a track. After an hour I gave the stage to Olya who was a real master of continuing the vibe. Big thanks to her for organizing the event in the first place.

I managed to bust my knees that night, as Tallinn is the slipperiest city in the world. To my surprise a passing guy pulled me back on my feet instantaneously. I ended the night at a birthday I can't tell you about.

See you soon