Friends throw the best birthday parties

I don't usually listen to music like this, but it sounds pretty good here

Our glamorous birthday girl.

This Friday was precious. It's always fun to go to friend's birthdays and this time there were many at once. Tõnis and Tiia were having their 54 years combined party at Protest. At the same time Diana was having her jubilee at undisclosed location. I played a set at both of the celebrations.

Glamorous birthday boy

I started at Protest, greeted the birthday boy and girl, tasted the mint punch and met more friends. The theme was Gatsby glam, guys were asked to suit up. I just wore a tie, as the second night also had a dress code which didn't match the suit style. I couldn't stay for long because I was supposed to play at the undisclosed location first.

The location is in the very center of town. You have to know the right people to get through the door. There are no signs and most of the time you wouldn't ever know that there was something going on in there. I got let in by a glamorous girl. I later learned that she was the burlesque dancer.

Olya at the red carpet event with "champagne".

I played my set 90 minute electro set as one of the first DJs because I was the "crowd friendliest" that's probably a first time when this has happened to me. At times I was accompanied by Edvin who was playing the flute on top of the electro tracks. A big thanks to the barman who kept bringing me the "welcome" shots while I was playing.

The fire show

There was a fire show happening soon after my set. We stood and watched the flying fire while tiny speakers were playing Lana Del Rey. Passing people stopped and admired the show with the guests.

One of the best looks, wearing Triinu Pungits.

The second act of the night appeared. I've never been to a birthday with a burlesque show. It was sexier than the stripper we once had back in Tartu. For obvious reasons she was hotter than Marco at this party. The performer was Chrissy Kiss.

Contrasting beauty against the shabby wall.

It was nice to meet up with Olya, whom I hadn't seen for years since she moved to Berlin and then London. You might see us playing together soon enough in Tallinn.
I headed back towards Protest around 4 am. The place was packed full and the concentration of friends was high. We proceeded with a bottle of half-frozen champagne to remember the old days.

Girl looking for change in Protest.

After pondering whether I should play or let the house and techno wave prevail, I decided to give electro a fighting chance. I played for half an hour after Tõnis, and stirred up the place.

People feeling Tõnis play.

The night ended at 8 am. It's been a while since I have taken the bus home from a party. If you liked this then you can read how we celebrated Diana's birthday some years ago. Last year's bash with Tõnis. And how I played Tiia's party at Protest some years ago.

See you soon,